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Newsflash! Esteemed Israeli ‘On The Run’ from those protecting Biden Family

For those of you who found my article “Unravelling the Web of U.S. Political Deceit” …a bit beyond belief, hold on to your seat belts. What you may have considered some “flight of fancy “of my imagination … is now exploding as I write and as you read this very article.

If you did not see that report-you will find it here:

Even with the link in that article to the US House of Representatives press conference revealing how complex the web of the Biden Family (aka Biden laptop revelations) efforts to hide the receipt of many millions of dollars from foreign nations paying to have access to Joe Biden via his son Hunter, there are many who are so jaded as to disbelieve their eyes.

Yesterday I received a video of Professor Dr. Gal Luft, who is considered “missing” although by his own admission, he is clearly in “hiding” as US agents wish to suppress his testimony in the Biden House of Representatives corruption case. Having originally intended with great courage to reveal Biden family corruption PRIOR to the announcement of Biden’s initial intention to run for President of the United States, Gal Luft’s reports to the U.S. Department of Justice were delayed for twenty-one months before being investigated. That was enough time for Joe Biden to announce his candidacy, run for and win the election of the President of the United States. Apparently, the U.S. government agencies were willing to do whatever was required to de-throne Donald Trump and protect the Biden Family in order to guarantee that end.

There is nothing that I can write which will be more eloquent or heart wrenching than what you will view in this testimony of Dr. Luft, the respected twenty-year co-director and analyst of a major Washington D.C. “Think Tank” focused on global security who was also a senior advisor to the China Electric Company…with first-hand knowledge of the Biden corruption links to that company. He has been torn from his family and home in Israel in order to save his own life and reveal exactly what the American government fears the most.

In my article, I explained how many false bank accounts were discovered in the names of Biden family members (including young children) which had been created, as well as shell company accounts, to receive the illegal funds from enemy nations, who paid for access to the White House. As reported by the House Committee of Inquiry… there was one bank account which did not have a name… only a number. One has no choice but to presume to whom the funds in that account belonged. Why would such an account be required when the other family members were using their own names for the others?

This is a scandal of major proportions. The courage of Dr Gal Luft takes one’s breath away. If you care at all about the United States, you will want to watch this entire interview:

Our hearts and minds must be with the entire Luft family, who are suffering because of Gal’s courage.

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Born in the Washington DC area, Barbara has been a pro Israel activist for over four decades, having had a radio show in Jerusalem called "Barbara Diamond One on One" , doing in depth interviews which aired in Israel and in the UK. She participated in missions to the USSR to meet with Refuseniks, to Ethiopia with a medical team to help the Jewish villages and to China to open up relations prior to China recognizing the State of Israel, She has been pro-active lobbying congress and helping to start a Pro Israel PAC in Los Angeles. She stays involved through the Jerusalem Press Club attending up to the moment briefings which she would like to share with the readers. Ms. Diamond is the author of the new website - and is the 2018 recipient of the "StandWithUs"-Israel leadership award.