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Next School Year to Be ‘Year of Unity’ in Israel

Experience The Power of Connection in Israel

The power of connection is a beautiful thing. We are happy to meet with any group of youngsters in Israel who want to experience it. http://jessebogner.comThanks to Daria Geller for the amazing clip#israel #telaviv Destination Israel

Posted by The Egotist on Monday, June 27, 2016

The school year is approaching and every year the Ministry of Education chooses an annual topic in which to deal with in schools and kindergartens. Last year was the “70th year of the state” and this year they chose the theme of “unity.”

As a top marketing consultant in Israel, I have often said that the root of all our problems is Israel’s image. If we organized a proper process for defining who we really are, where we really come from, and what our unique purpose is in the world, it would solve all of our problems.

Our true role in global affairs is to share a method of connection that can only come from Israel.

Jesse Bogner, a millennial author who made Aliyah from Brooklyn to study Kabbalah in Israel, has provided connection workshops to groups of youngsters visiting Israel on programs. The above clip is with visitors from the US and Europe who were on a Destination Israel program, talking about what a positive and empowering experience they had sitting in a circle and getting to know each other on a deeper level.

We have been doing these connection circles with great success for many years and young people are especially receptive to this method.

How is Unity Achieved?

According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, the upper force is the Creator – and it exists between people. If we awaken ourselves to a connection with one another, we awaken the positive forces and then we receive the good. From all the methods that exist in the world, only we, in Israel, can awaken the positive force that can connect all the nations, countries, ethnicities and faiths. 

This is Israel’s True DNA

When my family made Aliyah from Montreal in 1978, I couldn’t believe that there was folk dancing and singing during recess every day at school. But after a few years, when all the American fast food chains started opening up in Israel, all that stopped. We wanted to be just like other countries. We shifted to a value system that does not suit our country.  Now the whole world is waiting for us to bring back the good forces to the world.

What Can We Expect?

The most ideal result that comes from attempting to unite is that people will discover their egoistic nature, and see how impossible it is to overcome the way we were created. We will feel that we can’t overcome it alone. But if we divide into small groups and implement the connection method, we can create a positive connection between us and discover unity.

We need to use the force of connection between us, by reducing our ego and increasing our connection with others.  That’s where the force of bestowal can be found. When the upper force is revealed, we discover another world. We will no longer be in Galut and enslaved by the ego. This is what being in Israel is really about.

The Rules of the Workshop

To get everyone in a good state for connecting, we usually start off with some fun connection games before the workshop begins. The 1.5 hour workshop is essentially a set of questions, that individuals in each circle must answer according to a set of rules. The rules are that everyone in the circle is equal, each participant must listen attentively to others and only speak when holding the speaking object, we try to only add to the circle and not judge others in any way, and finally to speak briefly and on topic.
In Israel we have had some very unique experiences where a commander was in the circle with his soldiers and suddenly they were equal and speaking very freely from the heart. We’ve also done circles with Arabs, Israelis and Christians. The method is based on the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah, which is actually a science that connects us across all nationalities and faiths.
What the method does is enable any group of people or strangers to rise slightly above the human ego, and connect at a higher level where we understand we are all part of the human network, and want the same things. The lingering feeling of connection facilitates enhanced collaboration.

Takeaway from the Session

All levels of nature are in some kind of connection even though each is operating for its own good. But at least there is no element in nature focused on doing bad to others, and enjoying it. Only we humans intentionally harm others for the sake of our ego. 

So what is the takeaway? Even if we can’t be good all the time like the other parts of nature, at the very least, let’s try to not do bad. Even a child in school can understand this, and this is precisely what we need to teach them. Today people of all ages can learn how to use the ego for good. 

Happy New Year

Now that we have put on our thinking caps, we’ve reached a new Rosh Hashana. We have more input to think about what we need to do in the new year. How with everything we’re going through, we should know that everything is up to us. There is nothing more than connection, and the wisdom of Kabbalah is the wisdom of connection.

People from all over the world are discovering the wisdom of Kabbalah and are no longer afraid of it. They understand that it’s a science, and a vital part of Israel’s culture. 

The method of connection must be taught in Israel and all over the world. This is the key to our sustainability.

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Josia Nakash made Aliya from Canada at the age of 12 on a 28-foot Cape Dory sailboat. She loves sharing all the good Israel has to offer the world. Josia has a BA in International Relations and Political Science. She was the IDF's second female sniper instructor and is a top marketing consultant and copywriter.