No, Avi Gil, Palestinians have deprived themselves

Avi Gil wrote in his blog published on November 10, 2020 in The Times of Israel that (Trump’s) presidency bolstered the mistaken impression that it’s possible to preserve democracy for Jews while depriving the Palestinians of it.” What the former diplomat chose to not address is that it’s the society that the Palestinians have produced and not Israel that has deprived them of democracy.

Since the beginning of the Zionist movement, Palestinians have put all of their resources into violent rejectionism and terror against the Jewish state instead of investing resources into building one of their own. That is apparent from the Palestinian riots of the 1920s stretching to the first and second Intifadas, all the way into the present day. The result has been that the Zionist institutions, like the Jewish Agency, the JUF, and the WZO grew democratically and productively and smoothly transitioned into the Government of Israel. At the same time, Palestinian society was lead by terrorists, and today terrorists in suits. The mere absence of Israeli military and civil presence would not result in the sudden presence of democracy for the Palestinians. The opposite is true. The West Bank would become another Gaza strip, overrun by terrorist organizations at worst and deprive thousands of peaceful Palestinians of jobs, as many of them work in Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria, and turn their lives even more bitter from the corrupt leadership of the Palestinian Authority (PA) at best.

The PA is a corrupt pseudo-government that imprisons journalists, oppresses sexual minorities, and doesn’t tolerate dissent. Palestinian society is still rife with honor killings, tribalism, violence, and is deeply illiberal, this will not change just because Israel makes land concessions, it will only result in more violence directed against Israel and Palestinians.

The Trump presidency made it clear that Palestinian aspirations of conquering Jerusalem, flooding Israel with millions of descendants of the refugees of 1948, and making Judea and Samaria Judenrein was just that, fantasy. It will not be any less fantasy under President Biden, but it will make it appear to the Palestinians less so.

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Yehuda Liebenson is a tour guide licensed by the Israeli Ministry of Tourism. He is originally from the Chicago-land area, but has lived in Israel for many years and has served in her security forces.
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