No Excuses

This morning we woke up once again to unconfirmed reports on our various social media feeds to ambulances and police cars rushing through the streets of Jerusalem, we later got confirmation that once again terror had struck, this time in a place of worship in a synagogue in a quiet street in the Har Nof neighborhood in Jerusalem.

On the radio (Reshet Bet and Galei Tzahal) excuses were abundant and all was pretty clear, this shameful act of terror was a “response” to the claim made by an Arab bus driver’s family that he was murdered in Har Hotzvim, a police investigation and coroner’s report confirmed that the driver had in fact committed suicide. Suicide in Islam like in other religions is a cardinal sin, the difference is that if the driver in this case is recognized as a “Shahid” (martyr) by making this preposterous claim he will become eligible to receive benefits from the Palestinian Authority and various “charity” organizations as such.

Last week we were told by the media that the reason for the escalation in violence is due to Jews ascending to the Temple Mount therefore “offending” the Arab population

In 1928 Jews put up a “Mechitza” (separation between male and female congregants) at the Kotel (Western Wall), Palestine of 1928 was controlled by the British, with the Ottoman Empire overseeing the Muslim Holy sites (sound familiar?). The Mufti of Jerusalem declared this a violation of the status quo and said that “he who brings me the head of a Jew will promise himself a place in heaven”. The violence which followed left hundreds of Jews dead. Almost a century later, Israel is thriving, those that strive to live usually prosper over those that turn death into a religion.

Before that the claim was that Jews baked young non Jewish boys in ovens with their Matzo, what is apparent is that there is always an excuse, Jews on the other hand have learned through years of suffering, you never really need an excuse to kill a Jew, if there isn’t one – the perpetrators will just make one up. . In Syria where there is no Western Media there is also no need for excuses, if you are not a Sunni Muslim you are not permitted to remain alive.

It is time to explain to the World that in democracy we do not blame the victim, just like we don’t blame a rape victim for rape even if she was wearing a short skirt, we do not blame victims of violence if they may have inadvertently “offended” the perpetrator, it is not accepted in the US Criminal Justice System and should not be accepted in the Court of World Opinion.

Additionally, we should not accept excuses from politicians regarding our personal safety. The current Government is less concerned with our personal safety and more concerned with keeping what is known in Israel as “Industrial Quiet” (שקט תעשייתי). Israel which over the past 30 years relied on its citizen’s vigilance in protecting their countrymen by allowing former combat soldiers to carry personal firearms has revoked over 200,000 legal gun permits over the past 2 years under various excuses. While this has been going on the growing number illegal weapons in the Arab sector has grown tenfold. The legal firearms of private citizens has been a deciding factor in halting terror attacks on many occasions, among the notable ones in recent history, 3 tractor attacks and the Mercaz Harav Massacre were all events of which the perpetrators were neutralized by private citizens.

The Government’s lack of ability to govern in areas that are not predominantly Jewish and attempts to “disengage” from dealing with the issue of Arab violence head on is creating a clear and present danger to the Jewish citizens of the State of Israel.

It is important to remind our local politicians that regardless if the Government is Left or Right wing, when Israeli voters feel a lack of security, they vote to replace the existing Government, such was the case when Prime Minister Yitzhack Shamir failed to quash the First Intifada and such was the case with Prime Minister Ehud Barak when he failed to quash the Second Intifada.

Both Governments which replaced the above – replaced them under a slogan of personal security.

The nice thing about living in a democracy, especially a small and cozy one such as Israel, is that Members of Knesset are just a phone call away, compared to other Western countries Members of Parliament in Israel are much more accessible to the average citizen – you can find the list of Members of Knesset and their phone numbers here the average citizen can usually arrange a meeting with them at various parlor meetings with relative ease to voice your complaint. It is important they know how you feel, it is also important to remind them that there are no excuses for your lack in personal safety.

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