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No Jews = no outrage

The Jews of Europe are merely the first victims of a rapidly spreading fascism and racial and religious supremacism

During the last three weeks the Israel Defense Forces has waged a necessary and difficult battle against terrorists whose aim is to destroy our state and, at least according to its charter, aspire to a religiously-inspired genocide of Jews everywhere in the world.

Throughout this operation, Israel has gone to extraordinary and unprecedented lengths to ensure the safety of innocent civilians, but as in any modern war, especially one where the opponent uses human shields and operates from within civilian areas, there are casualties.

While the foreign media and international institutions rely solely on the highly suspect Hamas controlled numbers, even though they are sent from a government which sent out instructions to always refer to any dead as innocent civilians, the reality is very different.

The Meir Amit Intelligence and Information Center found, on July 23, that 775 people had been killed in Gaza, of whom 229 were militants or terrorists (135 Hamas, 60 Islamic Jihad, 34 from other terror organizations); 267 were civilians; and 279 could not yet be classified.

Many of the Palestinian figures subsequently quoted, by the UN and other international organizations, “are not worth the paper they’re written on,” Reuven Erlich, the director of the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center, told The Times of Israel earlier in the week. “They’re based mostly on Palestinian sources in Gaza, who have a vested interest in showing that we’re killing many civilians.”

These far more realistic figures demonstrate that just as in previous operations, the ratio of civilian to combatant deaths in Gaza is lower than the United Nations defined average and far lower than any recent operation or war under similar circumstances.

However, what is different, and very much so, is the reaction to the events in and around Gaza.

While hundreds of thousands are being brutally massacred in Syria, Iraq, Libya, East Africa and elsewhere, there are no serious street demonstrations, few outraged headlines in the international media and barely a whimper from such institutions like the extremely ill-named United Nations Human Rights Council.

The feigned outrage on the streets of Europe is a peculiar cocktail of hypocrisy, ignorance and above all, hate.

While it is clear that an overwhelming majority of protestors against Israel’s Operation Protective Edge are Muslim, these and their fellow far-Left “anti-war” protestors did not seem too troubled to demonstrate against other Muslim deaths.

When Muslims kill hundreds of thousands of other Muslims it does not raise an eyebrow among these keffiyeh-wearing fascists, but when Jews kill Muslims it is “genocide” and a “crime against humanity”.

The facts speak for themselves.

Since the State of Israel was reestablished in 1948, around 12 million Muslims have been killed in violent wars and conflicts. Over ninety per cent have been killed by other Muslims, and less than one tenth of one per cent were killed in the context of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

So it is seemingly inexplicable and without justification whatsoever for those who march in the streets of London, Paris and Berlin to single out Israel. That is unless we dare to mention a very simple explanation: pure and unadulterated Antisemitism.

These demonstrations have ultimately been extremely conspicuous for their open and raw hatred of Jews.

From signs or chants ranging from “Hitler was right” to “Gas the Jews”, attacks on Jewish passerby’s or attacking synagogues and Jewish institutions and businesses, the protests have targeted anything associated with Jews.

If these protests were populated by the far-Right or neo-Nazis there would be opprobrium.

It should be clearly understood that racial and religious supremacists and fascists come in many shapes and sizes. Today, the far-Left and far-Right stand shoulder to shoulder in their rising hatred of Jews and the Jewish State, as has been literally witnessed during rallies in France.

These protestors are not “anti-war” or “pro-peace” as is demonstrated by their lack of outrage and action over the suffering of people when no Jews are involved.

There is a simple equation to be gleaned and understood from these events on the streets of major European capitals.

No Jews, no outrage.

If Jews are not involved, then these tens of thousands of radicals couldn’t care less. They don’t waste their time or breath on the massacres in Syria, the extermination of Christians in Mosul or the forced conversions and marriage and rape of Nigerian schoolgirls.

However, these is even a more sinister outcome to these demonstrations, one which I am certain is also not unintentional.

These demonstrators know very well that Israel stands against the backwards and fundamentalist ideology of our enemies, which they support with their “We are Hamas” or “We are Hizbollah” signs and chants.

They hope to place significant pressure on their governments not to act against the Islamism that is not just spreading around the Middle East and Africa, but also whole neighborhoods in Western Europe.

Israel is on the frontlines of the battle against the spread of a genocidal and fascist ideology which has Europe squarely in its sights.

If Israel falters, Europe will suffer.

There is no import of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to Europe as some have claimed. I have never heard of European Jews who have attacked Muslims and Arabs because of attacks on Jews in Israel or the massacres and ethnic cleansing of Jews from the Arab world.

The Jews were attacked because they dared to reclaim their sovereignty in the Middle East. However, it is clear that even a minority Christian presence in places like Iraq, Syria and Lebanon can also not be tolerated.

So it will be on the streets of Europe. The Jews are attacked first, but they will certainly not be the final victims of this rapidly spreading fascism and racial and religious supremacism.

Israel and Jews remain the ‘canary in the mineshaft’ for Europe. European leaders and citizens should act with haste and determination, siding with those who share its values and working against those who want the continent to slide into religious fundamentalist violence.

If not, then there will be few Jews to rage against in their midst.

About the Author
Shimon Ohayon is a Member of Knesset for Yisrael Beytenu and Chairman of the Knesset Caucuses for the Struggle Against Antisemitism and the Rights of Jewish Refugees from Arab Countries.
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