Carol Green Ungar

No more disruption. It’s time to compromise.

Today we are told, is a Day of Disruption. The ‘pro-democracy” forces are out in full force combatting the wicked judicial reform by holding the population hostage. They are closing our roads, our malls, jamming the internet, and even getting hospitals to work on an emergency footing.

This, we are told, demonstrates the vigor of Israeli democracy. Even our PM Bibi Netanyahu has mouthed these words. That is a lie. This Day of Disruption is an act of domestic terrorism that harms every resident of this country.

These demonstrations indicate a lack of confidence in our democracy. Democracy means that one’s duly elected officials freely express one’s point of view within the walls of the legislature. If the left believed in our democratic institutions, they would not be on the streets. The right won because it attracted a majority of the voting public. The reason for this is simple – its people have been fruitful and multiplied while the Israeli left has opted for childfree alternative lifestyles or one child plus one dog.

The tragedy is that the left is so sore that they are prepared to blow up the whole country. All or nothing. Self-destruction.

Herzl was always a dreamer. As his heirs, the Israeli left dreams bigger than the right, even if those dreams are nightmares–They villainize Bibi. He is a flawed character, but after five rounds of elections, he’s the only one capable of forming a government.  Still, the left hates him wildly and blindly in much the same way that the US left hates Donald Trump.

They think that we are a hairsbreadth from becoming an illiberal theocracy.

But are we really?

Let’s take a look.

Is Israel really different since Bibi and Ben Gvir and Smotrich took over

Not really.

Even though it’s anathema to religious law and religious sensibilities, women continue to serve in the IDF, including combat units – no one has made any moves to halt this.

No one has lifted a shovel on the Temple Mount -no MK has even dared to propose building a third Temple.

Women have access to birth control and are subject to minimal restrictions to abortions as well. LGBTQ people can do their thing, even though these behaviors violate Halacha

The current Knesset speaker, an openly gay man, was reelected almost unanimously–even the Haredi MKs voted for him–in a theocracy or an Arab country, this would be impossible.

Our enemies see civil unrest as a sign of weakness, the once undefeatable Jewish State turning in on itself. And they are planning their next moves. A three-front war is all but inevitable, and it will sink us all.

Once again, President Herzog has stepped into the fray to attempt to make peace. We need to pray very hard that this time he succeeds..

We need to be proud. Look how far we’ve come. From a land of tent camps of immigrants living on rationed eggs, we’ve emerged as a start-up nation, affluent, a tech giant, even for the first time making alliances with our Arab neighbor.

And now?

We’re blowing it all up for no good reason. Since its founding, this country has tottered along through a series of compromises. No one is a real winner, but we survive, . That’s what we need now. A compromise, Flawed by definition, but it’s the only path forward.

If the state of Israel goes down, we are all doomed. Tisha B’Av is just around the corner to remind us what happens when we fail to get along. It’s time to stop protesting. It’s time for both sides to get down from their ideological high horses and find a way to continue to coexist in peace.

About the Author
Carol Ungar is a prize-winning author who writes from the Judean Hills.
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