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No More Enemies: Salvation, when it comes…

With another election just days away here in Israel — an election which potentially could (but seems unlikely to) bring the kinds of changes that are needed to redress longstanding wrongs, create a thriving shared and egalitarian society, and achieve one justice for all in this land — I offer a brief time out for a different perspective… in a No More Enemies mode.

I. Regime change

I do not want regime change by force. I do not want regime change by stealth. I do not want regime change by violent insurrection, and certainly not by terrorism.  In places ruled by the enemies paradigm through its puppets (the jaded and impervious elites–political and/or economic and/or military), I would like to see regime change. Yes! I would like to see it happen as an inevitable sequel to a massive paradigm shift in which the notion of enemies suddenly becomes as obsolete as the Flat Earth Society. That will be a massive tectonic shift of ideas, and the enemies-driven leadership mentality will be left outside the new playing field unless those old leaders can adjust, and fast.

Moving easily up and down and around the new playing field, to the cheers of the crowd, will be emerging young cadres of post-enemies leaders: women and men who understand how to tap constructively into the new energies released by the exit of the enemies paradigm.

If they do not emerge thanks to this election, maybe next time around they will.

II. Salvation, when it comes

Salvation, when it seems most distant and out of reach, may approach unheralded from a novel direction and knock quietly at our door. Surprise! The one small step then required of us is to open the door and let it enter.

Or it may be sitting there on the threshold, awaiting discovery at our initiative. Sometimes a little initiative goes a long way.

Today, the idea that the enemies paradigm is obsolete is creeping up on us from diverse directions. If you go and explore, with an adventurous and hopeful heart, in your own field of interest–from anthropology to zoology–you will find a budding awareness of this idea there, somewhere.

There is already a readiness among many people around the planet to move beyond the enemies paradigm. You who are ready–speak up now. This is your hour.  As others hear your call, they will join us. This is our new day dawning.

If it does not come in time for this election, maybe it will be in time for the next one.

Today’s blog post, adapted from Part I of No More Enemies (2011), is dedicated to all the tireless warriors for peace who labor on, regardless, in Israel/Palestine and everywhere. Pictured above: author, activist, and lecturer Dr. Gershon Baskin, a giant among peace-seekers.

About the Author
A native New Yorker, by profession a writer, editor, and translator, Deb’s passion after nearly forty years in Israel/Palestine is to explore how we might craft a better shared future by discarding the paradigm of enemies – an obsolete social design, now highly toxic. Read more in her book, No More Enemies, available on her website or from online booksellers.
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