No More False Equivalencies Between Hamas, 10/7 and Israel. Call out Hamas First

The current and unusually ruthless bombing campaign by Israel in Gaza is not ‘revenge’ and the more people especially on the pro-Hamas; anti-Palestinian Rights Left push that argument, the more clear it becomes how little understanding or true concern they bring.

It is not ‘revenge’ by Israel but ultimate and truly existential self defense. How many people outside understand to what Israel is responding? How many outside understand that Israel is also trying to rescue as many hostages, both those Israeli and international, as possible?

And efforts by the IDF have, by report, already started, As part of the bombing campaign, IDF special forces have already started to make “localized raids” into Gaza. I’d offer they are seeking primary Hamas military operational points since Hamas has long used its own citizens as shields while hiding itself and its armaments within citizen infrastructures and residences. The IDF is also looking for the hostages.

It is seems possible that the unusually brutal bombing by Israel is, at least in part, intended to functionally clear out some of the density of the urban structure in Gaza. Fighting in Gaza is close proximity urban warfare with citizens between the IDF and Hamas. Now, hostages are there, too.

I think the IAF is strategically clearing out areas to reduce potential surprises and allow a more focused and directed strategy on the ground. It is viscious and brutal and I grieve for Gazan citizens; for so many Gazan children. They are innocents. But Death is drawn to Gaza by Hamas just as Hamas brought a combined ISIS and Nazi savagery to Israel on 10/7.

Death is by Hamas who continues, at this moment, in its attempts to infiltrate Israel and launch indiscriminate missile attacks on civilians knowing they will continue to make Gazan citizens pay a price. But Gazan citizens; Gazan children have never been a concern for Hamas.

To have any credibility whatsoever in this entire issue and event, people must first show themselves able to make the clear distinction between Hamas genocide and Palestinian citizens. They are not the same and I certainly can distinguish between the two. Hamas must never again be able to savage Israel and Israeli citizens.

Those who claim to truly give a damn should have all long been as horrified by the brutality shown by Hamas in its repression of Gazan citizens. The ‘open air prison of Gaza’ is also very much a creation of  Hamas.

Even now, as Israel is asking Gazan citizens to leave northern and central areas of Gaza and head South, Hamas has given orders for its citizens to stay put. That gives Hamas its human shields while creating the international photo ops Hamas and Palestinian leadership long crave. Gazan citizens are moving, nonetheless.

I need to hear just one person who claims themselves ‘pro-Palestinian’ to FIRST clearly identify and call out Hamas by name. To identify that Hamas engaged in ISIS style genocidal acts towards Israelis; to babies, moms, children and elderly. Rape and kidnapping. Young concert goers. Far more…

Those who cannot and will not are cowards You are pro-Hamas and anti-Palestinian citizens and Palestinian Rights. Just as has Hamas, you also have no pretense remaining.

I will no longer tolerate the dishonesty and rank antisemitism. I am to the Left; a long time political progressive. It has pained me to see so many with whom I’ve thought I share a political understanding to have immediately become ‘pro-Hamas; pro-Jewish genocide’ apologists and advocates.

I’m also very tired of people lecturing Israel who refuse identify Hamas by name but are quick to create incitement riven false equivalencies between Hamas savagery on 10/7 and the occupation. Hamas is not ‘resisting the occupation’ but has in its Charter the ethnic cleansing of Israeli Jews from the ‘River To The Sea.’ The genocide of all Jews anywhere.

Watching Americans; Palestinian Americans chanting this genocidal slogan sickens but does not surprise. As with Hamas, their pretense is off as well.

I detest the occupation as I have written about and identified over many years. I grieve for Gazan citizens. But that Israel has now been forced to dissect and annihilate Hamas as a fighting force right next door intent on Jewish genocide is not on a moral equivalency.

Hamas dropped all pretense on 10/7 when it shot adults, children and babies in their beds. Burned them to death. Beheaded…which is real and not social media ‘myth.’ When they slaughtered young concert goers with bullets, burning them alive, gassing or kidnapping. Hamas blended the savagery of ISIS and Hitler on 10/7.

Those who want to do something? A way to better ‘control’ and help what’s happening in Gaza is to demand that regional and wealthy regional Arab nations to provide access to Gazan citizens. To care. To do something. To hold Hamas directly accountable while supporting Palestinian citizens. To allow Gazans access to their nations as refugees.

Many of those now Palestinians were Jordanians before their families where killed and driven from Jordan in September, 1970. If the King of Jordan was humane and honest, he would welcome Palestinian refugees. But the only time regional Arabs are interested in Palestinians is when they can benefit politically.

Regional Arabs nations have long been said to be willing to ‘fight Israel to the last Palestinian.’

They again watch as Palestinians die by Hamas and by Israeli actions driven by Hamas. Hamas can never — ever — have the strength to attack Israel again. Never Again happened again on 10/7. Hamas must lose  any capacity to repeat such an action — ever.

A question is if, this time, will regional and wealthy Arab nations show honesty and humanity. They have the power to help save Gazan citizens and degrade Hamas. They must also accept that Israel and Israeli citizens have a right to security. Regional Arab nations must show real courage.

About the Author
I was born in Baltimore, MD and have since had a wide range of experiences including a year plus in Israel. I've been a progressive organizer, writer/media spokesperson, coordinator and freelance. I am a PhD level Clinical Behavioral Analyst specializing in severe behavioral need in children (and adults) and their families. I write through no ‘agenda or special interest’ other than being a passionate supporter of Israel and Israel's future.