Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d

No more hiding

When things are out in the open, you can deal with it.

When people say what they mean, when everything is clear, then you can fix what needs to be fixed.

“Give us the weapons,” Netanyahu said to the U.S. The White House was furious. Reportedly the White House had been allowing many weapons to get tied up in bureaucratic quagmires and not expediting it via emergency exceptions. So the White House had been able to claim that the weapons were being processed normally. Netanyahu made it very clear, that Biden was holding up the weapons. Now Biden is in the hot seat, as everyone now knows what is happening.

For years China surreptitiously stole other countries’ secrets. And as long as no one talked about it, the stealing continued. But then governments started talking about it, and there began a concerted effort to stop China.

Hamas fooled the world, letting everyone think that they were generally peaceful. Then came October 7, and the world saw what Hamas was. And Israel realized that they cannot give away land.

The prophet Daniel describes the era of Redemption as a time when things that were hidden will become clear. (Daniel 12; 10)

Indeed, in that time, even G-d’s presence will be revealed. “And your Master will no longer be hidden — your eyes will see Your Master.” (Isaiah 39; 20)

When everything becomes clear, when hiding ceases, then we know what we are dealing with. Choices become clear. We see the whole picture. And we realize what we need to do, how we can improve things.

And this includes self-improvement. Because we tend to cover up our own shortcomings. But when we see what needs to be improved, then we are able to work on ourselves to become better.

When the hiding stops, we see reality for what it is. And when that happens, when everything and everyone are straightforward, then the rest becomes very doable. And then the world becomes a beautiful and peaceful dwelling, where everyone gets along nicely.

Perhaps that time is very close.

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