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No More Masters

If you enjoy watching TV real estate programs as I do, you may have noticed that sometime over the last year, the master bedroom has been renamed the primary room. Curious to know why, a quick Google search revealed that it has been decided that the word “Master” is now, yet, another casualty of today’s “woke” culture since, to them, it is considered to be racist and misogynist.

Despite the term “Master” bedroom having been used since the 1920’s when it first appeared in the Sears home catalog, the name conjures up a negative image loaded with such concepts as dominance and ownership.

Of course, it doesn’t matter that these images likely don’t offend the ears of probably 97% of the world’s people. Nonetheless, the word had to be banished for the uber-sensitive 3% or less who have taken it upon themselves to decide how we should think and what we’re allowed to say.

But here’s a question. If Master Bedroom is now verboten, what will become of the ever-popular show, Master Chef or the annual Masters Tournament in the world of golf or the European Master League in soccer? Are they next to be eliminated?

Will a Masters’ Degree also be on the proverbial chopping block? After all, even though women have successfully obtained them, someone can argue that the title is more relevant to the male sex? Perhaps female recipients of this degree should consider relabeling their educational accomplishment as a Mistress Degree?

Here’s a frightening thought! What about our beloved MasterCard! Will it also vanish, leaving us stranded in the midst of our purchases? What will it take to accommodate the lunatic fringe over the sane majority who, almost certainly, hasn’t even thought about any of this lunacy?

It’s gotten to the point where one has to really go to the far reaches of their brain in order to come up with a malicious intent of words which, although never intended or meant, can somehow now depict a very ugly and perverted distortion of the true meaning of that particular speech. How did we get to such a place?

It seems that all these so-called toxic words, which are systematically being eliminated, are part of a much more profound issue since most of this verbiage has successfully been used for hundreds of years without complaint of inflicting mental or emotional harm to the population at large.

In the case of “Master,” the term actually alludes to a superior or prestigious level – whether it relates to a room, education or an award.  The title suggests an earned place of honor or a great feat but nothing more. Yet in today’s highly-charged and super-sensitive environment, it’s as if evil and malevolent references lurk behind every corner – at least to those who want to search them out and find them.

It seems that in order to come to the conclusion that these words represent hatred, prejudice and deference to certain individuals, one would need to hold the opinion that large swaths of their fellow human beings are loathe to be considerate, inclusive and tolerant people. However, if that is so, will the banishment of certain words help to rid society of this innate evil which is supposedly omnipresent? Are most humans even likely to pass the intense microscopic test of dissected words which is occurring at a frenzied pace these days?

If so many of the words we use are derogatory and insulting, to the point that almost each new month brings an updated list of unacceptable words, what does that really say about all of us who have been using them for decades?

It’s quite clear that words are deliberately being blown out of proportion by those who are making a concerted attempt to vastly change and alter our consciousness – one which never had mal intent, but which, nonetheless, has been deemed, through these newly forbidden words, to pit person against person and drive a wedge into an already divided society.

Make no mistake. The woke culture is not focused solely on words. To them, our once revered symbols also promote malevolence. The very flag or national anthem is also looked upon, by them, as harmful representations, no longer worthy of commanding our respect or loyalty. Oddly enough, we’ve seen a number of examples of this both in America and Israel just within the last few years.

Simple things that we once took for granted are now being analyzed in the woke laboratory with the view of eradicating whatever is relegated to being a relic of a more innocent time when no one was sophisticated or enlightened enough to see the wicked intent behind these words, images and symbols.

To be honest, there is something very telling about anyone whose time is occupied with this dismemberment of words in order to create a new language free of any malice or sinister intent.

Not only are such people in possession of too much spare time, but they obviously are suspicious, angry, hostile and wary of anyone who can’t see what they see, and in their estimation, that would include the vast majority of the world’s inhabitants.

Apparently, they won’t be happy until they feel that they are able to implement new language based on their need to fix our many foibles. What is interesting, though, is that they must believe that they are exempt from being part of this fallen humanity. Perhaps, they see themselves as the “better angels” who were put here to shed their giant spotlight on all the rest of us.

But there is one more “Master” that, like it or not isn’t going away anytime soon.  Nor can this “Master” be eradicated by their distaste of his very existence. I, of course, am speaking of “Master of the Universe.” He is the one Master with whom these word police members desperately need to become acquainted, because He is the giver of life, happiness, contentment and good will one towards another – attributes which their lives seem to be lacking.

At the risk of using another charged word, maybe a bit of some good, old-fashioned brotherhood might help to put an end to this nonsensical war of words, because in our coming together, we might actually end up “mastering” the art of solidarity, mutual respect and discovering what it’s like to live in real harmony. Well, at least we can dream!

About the Author
A former Jerusalem elementary and middle-school principal and the granddaughter of European Jews who arrived in the US before the Holocaust. Making Aliyah in 1993, she is retired and now lives in the center of the country with her husband.
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