Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d

No need to write

Sometimes, there’s just no need to write. Things are so obvious.

Hamas was starving, so they agreed to let out hostages in exchange for prisoners, food and fuel.

They were getting killed right and left, so now they are talking about extending the truce and letting out more hostages.

Israel is improving, from trading 1000 (Palestinian prisoners) for 1 (Israeli captive), to 3 for 1.

Netanyahu just visited the troops, and said that Israel will continue to victory.

And despite U.S. pressure, Netanyahu is insisting that Israel will need to stay in Gaza (after Hamas is gone) to maintain security.

Despite massive protests for a ceasefire, Israel is determined to wipe Hamas off the earth.

By the way, if the nations would accept the seven Noahide laws that G-d told Moses at Mount Sinai, they wouldn’t support Hamas (since one of the laws is to not murder; and another law is to set up courts to enforce the seven laws). What the world needs now, is to obey these seven laws. This would bring world peace. (For example: China wouldn’t steal secrets, because one of the laws is to not steal.)

It’s obvious to all, that G-d is controlling everything by Divine Providence.

So for the first time, the U.S. is moving its miltary to be in a position to defend Israel. Thus aircraft carriers are helping to deter Hezbollah, and U.S. ships shot down missiles which were flying from Yemen toward Israel. And there are now reports that a U.S. destroyer intervened to free an Israeli-linked ship from attackers. (The U.S. also has its own agenda, it doesn’t want the war to escalate to Hezbollah and possibly Iran, which would drag America into a war. But the net result is, that we are seeing Esau (Western powers) assisting Yaakov, heralding Messianic times when (Ovadiah 1; 21) “Saviours will rise on the mountain of Zion to judge the mountain of Seir (Esau), and the kingdom will be G-d’s.”)

I don’t need to write about Israel’s unity and caring for one another, their enthusiastic embrace of G-d and His Torah, the disillusionment of many leftist Jews who feel betrayed by their former friends’ embrace of Hamas, thus leading many Jews to strengthen their own Jewish identity — their heritage which has been faithfully passed on to them by their ancestors over thousands of years.

I don’t need to write about a strong feeling, among the Jewish people, that we will be victorious.

It’s all so obvious. We can feel it in the air. A new dawn seems very close, with G-d finally fulfilling His promise to us, as related by His prophets and in the Torah, that very soon, He will redeem us again, just like the first time.

Only this time with even more profound, astonishing, and wondrous miracles.

I don’t need to write about it. It’s so obvious.

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