No safety pins needed here

maale-adumim-pictureThis isn’t going to be my normal TOI piece that I’m known for.  This isn’t even going to be written as eloquently as my other articles.

The UN voted to pass United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334 against Israel regarding building and living in over the “green line” including Judea and Samaria (Yehudah and Shomron) and including East Jerusalem.

Naturally, the world jumped at this chance to go after Israel, and President Obama decided to abstain.  That was a cowardly response, if you ask me.  Stand up, look folks square in the eye and vote the way you feel, don’t abstain, but that’s another topic.

But, we Israelis are not going to complain, tear our clothes, put ashes on our heads and sit shiva.  And no, we don’t need to wear safety pins to show that we are safe. No way.  We don’t need reminders that we are living in our ancestral homeland under the protective watch of G-d.  (Yes, we have archeological and historical proof of our right to this land, in case you were wondering, but chances are you don’t care.)   This UN insanity has unified the nation and even united political rivalries.   So, whatever the UN thought it was going to gain from its useless meeting, will turn out to be a huge disappointment for them.  Sure, we’re all talking about it…..and yes, we are irritated by this nonsense and find it to be a waste of valuable time and resources when Syria desperately needs help and intervention.  Oh, by the way, Israel is helping the Syrian people.  Tell the UN THAT, but they don’t care.  And really, we don’t care if they care or not.  So, what’s the answer here?  If I could speak to our Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, I would tell him to pull out of the UN IMMEDIATELY.  It’s over; we’re leaving.  Throw the UN, their people and their property out of Israel.  Give them a time limit, and if members of the UN are still in Israel after the expired time, they should be arrested for trespassing and their vehicles confiscated.

So, don’t worry about us, World.  We’re going to be just fine.  In a way, it is good that this happened.  We like to know exactly who are enemies are, so we can be better prepared.  So, by all means vote on.  Spout your hatred and your lies.  We are not afraid.  We will continue living our lives and taking care of not only our own, but everyone who needs us.  Oh, and yes….about that building stuff…..we’re going to continue doing that, too.

About the Author
Chava lives in Ma'ale Adumim with her children. They made Aliyah four years ago. Chava is an English teacher and a children's program director at a local school.