No State That Bans Abortion Bans Assault Weapons

States in which the peoples’ elected representatives protect a woman’s right to have an abortion call themselves pro-choice. Currently, assault weapons are banned in only seven states, all of which are pro-choice. The seven states are California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York.

States in which the peoples’ elected representatives ban abortion call themselves pro-life. The peoples’ elected representatives in pro-life states should be advised that the reason a woman’s right to an abortion is not specified in the U.S. Constitution is that abortion is a private issue which is not a concern of the public or of government. Abortion is a decision to be made only by an adult woman in consultation with her partner and health care provider.

No states that ban abortion also ban assault weapons, contradicting their pro-life mission to protect life. By declining to ban assault weapons, states endanger the lives of their citizens. Assault weapons are pro-death, not pro-life. They are weapons of war designed to kill a maximum number of people in a minimum amount of time. For that reason, assault weapons are commonly used in mass shootings. An assault weapons ban would limit the number of deaths resulting from future mass shootings by preventing potential mass shooters from acquiring these weapons for the sole purpose of murdering clusters of their fellow citizens.

All residents of states that do not ban assault weapons are potential victims of future mass shootings. Hopefully, residents of these states will recognize their vulnerability and elect new representatives with the compassion to ease restrictions on abortion and the wisdom to ban assault weapons.

About the Author
Ted Sheskin is an emeritus professor of industrial engineering and the author of a textbook, Markov Chains and Decision Processes for Engineers and Managers. He has published peer-reviewed papers on engineering systems and mathematical algorithms. His letters to editors addressing politics, economic policy, and issues facing Israel and American Jews have appeared in the NY Times, Daily News, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Cleveland Jewish News, Jewish Week, the Forward, and Jewish Voice.
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