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NO to Boycott, Divest & Sanctions: YES to Bless, Discover, & Support

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Antisemitic Boycott, Divest and Sanction (BDS) has stalked Israel with multiple efforts around the globe. Palestinians propelled it into its modern inception in 2005 after decades of Arab League efforts to boycott Israel beginning in 1945. The United Nations, many college campuses, leadership in National Council of Churches, and other organizations have rallied to the BDS cause with hypocritical, unfounded, ridiculous, and worrying violent tactics to promote BDS ideology. To help combat the BDS propaganda-simply defined as economic warfare against Israel-I’m giving it a makeover, a new moniker with a fresh meaning:

History holds a troubling connection to modern BDS movements. The Nazis launched their first economic boycott of Jewish businesses in Germany on April 1, 1933. What we call APRIL FOOL’S DAY in the US-pulling pranks on others-April 1, 1933 was no joke. It was the first Nazi salvo in its demonic strategy to fool first Germans, then the world. While the April 1, 1933 boycott lasted only one day, it was Hitler’s stake in the ground to build out the multiple layers of antisemitism. Nazis turned up the heat little by little until trains rumbled through the German countryside into concentration camps.

Make NO mistake. Today’s economic boycotts are built on Nazi propaganda strategies. Those who are in favor of Boycott, Divest, and Sanctions against Israel are re-enacting evil policies from Hitler’s 1930’s propaganda playbook to demonize its Jewish citizens. Those of us who stand with the world’s only Jewish, democratic state must maintain this historic awareness and remain vigilant. Sinking into the apathy and denial of most Germans in pre-World War II is not an option for us. “NEVER AGAIN” has already dangerously transformed into “NOW AGAIN!” This photo shows German soldiers with signs reading, “Germans defend yourselves. Don’t buy from the Jews.” Sound familiar? We see, hear and read similar threats today.

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I’m aiming my suggestions to all pro-Israel citizens in the world, inside and outside Israel. My blog may seem redundant but repetition is a valuable tool. Positive, factual repetition is what we must harness to counteract the misshapen Boycott, Divest, and Sanctions propaganda snaking its twisted way into a modern version of Nazism.

BLESS First things first. Consider posting this hashtag everywhere on social media when you read lies and BDS propaganda against Israel. It’s a simple task taking 15 seconds.


BLESS Israel by acting on the hashtag with at least one or multiple ways drawing from thousands of avenues. BLESS Israel with prayer for their leaders and citizens. BLESS Israel by organizing a “Day to Pray” the first Sunday every October by contacting Eagles Wings, the organizer. BLESS Israel by advocating with US Congress through the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, Christians United for Israel, or Pro-Israel America. BLESS Israel by advocating with the government of your own country. BLESS Israel by posting factual articles on your social media using BLESS Israel by inviting an Israel expert to your church, home, or civic club.

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DISCOVER Ignore your fears about Israel’s safety-safer than most large American cities-and DISCOVER Israel by traveling there. DISCOVER Israel by walking in the kaleidoscope of the ancient yet living, encyclopedic nation. DISCOVER the sights, landscapes, restaurants, and archeology. DISCOVER churches, holy places, museums, and Yad Vashem. DISCOVER Eilat, Mount Hermon, deserts, Dead Sea, the Galilee, Magdala’s first-century synagogue, the Golan Heights, and the Mediterranean Sea. DISCOVER the Western Wall, Judaism’s holiest site in the capital, Jerusalem. DISCOVER Ashkelon, Jaffa, and Nazareth. DISCOVER Israel in the biblical heartland of Judea and Samaria. DISCOVER modern Israel in cities like Tel Aviv and Haifa, monuments to creativity, tourism, dining, and innovation. DISCOVER the story of Israel’s modern independence in 1948 in Tel Aviv’s Independence Hall. DISCOVER the fact that if you traveled to Israel 200 times, something new and wonderful would await you. DISCOVER that Israel is incomparable.

SUPPORT Israel through your governments, your Members of Congress, letting them know the benefits of Israel to your nation. SUPPORT the Israel Defense Forces’ Lone Soldier program through Friends of the IDF. SUPPORT Israel by raising funds for a portable bomb shelter through SUPPORT Israel by inviting friends to view an excellent set of Israel documentaries produced by The Christian Broadcast Network. SUPPORT Israel by making a friend in the Jewish community if you have not done so. And keep in mind Mark Twain’s famous quote:

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Arlene Bridges Samuels has held pioneering positions with Israel Always, American Israel Public Affairs Committee, (AIPAC) and International Christian Embassy Jerusalem's project (ICEJUSA), American Christian Leaders for Israel. Traveling to Israel since 1990, she is now an author at the Times of Israel, The Christian Post, Contributor to The Christian Broadcast Network and a networker, consultant, and speaker. Her articles have also appeared in Philos Project, Providence Magazine (The Institute on Religion and Democracy), ICEJ's Word from Jerusalem, Mercy Ships, and Concerned Women for America. She shares her devotionals, The Eclectic Evangelical, on Facebook and is an active member of a small Anglican church. After attending Winthrop University in her home state of South Carolina, Arlene earned her Masters degree at the University of Alabama. Every season, she looks forward to the Alabama Crimson Tide winning SEC and national football championships!
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