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No vacancy in Jerusalem? Blame OurCrowd

One of the biggest-ever investor events is descending on the city next week
Jon Medved, CEO of OurCrowd, (left) leads a panel discussion on crowdfunding in New York. (Photo credit: Courtesy)
Jon Medved, CEO of OurCrowd, (left) leads a panel discussion on crowdfunding in New York. (Photo credit: Courtesy)

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Tourists are scratching their heads, finding it difficult to book rooms in Jerusalem’s four and five star hotels on January 25th. Between the recent rash of difficult news concerning the security situation and the fact that January is not known to be a hot tourism month, rooms should be readily available. It turns out that there is a huge crowd of high-end tourists who are not coming here to see the sights, but to see the Startup Nation. They are joining the nearly three thousand other investors and entrepreneurs participating in the second OurCrowd Global Investor Summit in Binyanei Ha’uma.

Last year, when OurCrowd’s first Global Investor Summit brought eight hundred people to Jerusalem, it was viewed as a landmark event for Israel’s capital – most of the country’s investor events take place in Herzliya or Tel Aviv. As a result of OurCrowd’s fast and dramatic growth, we are now 3,000 strong and Jerusalem is taking its rightful place on the map as a startup center. OurCrowd is entering 2016 with some amazing stats: $200M of investments, 10,000 investors, investors from 110 countries around the world, and 93 portfolio companies. Last year, in 2015, investment in Israeli tech companies reached $5B, a growth of over 100% over the last two years.  We are proud to be an important part of this rapid and exciting growth.

The OurCrowd Summit celebrates a new kind of investor in the Israeli ecosystem. Until now, most have been institutional-grade: large investment funds, banks, insurance companies, and professional venture capital investors. The individual investor was generally left out of this story, with only a few professional angels or well-connected overseas investors able to take advantage of Israel’s dynamic startup scene. OurCrowd – by placing the investment process up on the Web and providing due diligence and professional investment management – has opened up the tech investment scene not to thousands, but to tens of thousands of potential investors worldwide. The current 200 million of investment dollars is only the beginning.

The OurCrowd Global Summit is a perfect example of the power of crowdfunding. Attendees will be able to meet the OurCrowd portfolio companies’ CEOs, see demos, and sit with other investors from around the world and with our co-investor venture capital funds. In addition, the OurCrowd team will be available to help explain the opportunities, the themes for the next investment years, and where we can best help the companies.

The theme of the conference is: “investing in the future.” Six multinational corporations including Honda, Phillips, Intuit, General Electric, Coca Cola and Samsung will share their vision of the future together with scores of startup companies.

Portfolio companies will also reach out to OurCrowd’s global investor base for help with connections, introductions and other services. A live Hackathon fueled by ample coke and beer will engage this energetic crowd building in real time and even reward prizes.

The Summit will close with Israel’s largest startup competition, sponsored by Bank Hapoalim and Keshet Television. Hundreds of startups are participating. The winning startup will receive a two hundred thousand shekel prize from Bank Hapoalim and an investment of up to half a million dollars from OurCrowd.

The party gets going in the evening with a launch cocktail celebrating Mass Challenge’s decision to open up its new accelerator in Jerusalem. This world leading accelerator will further strengthen the Jerusalem ecosystem of which OurCrowd is so proud to be a part of. With this kind of dynamism and energy, investors should really consider reserving their room for next year’s summit soon. Actually on second thought, for next year’s summit, we may actually need to build some new hotels.

For more information on the OurCrowd Global Investor summit on Jan. 25th in Jerusalem, visit:

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