Not All Journalist Deaths Are Equal-They Should Be

When Nizal Binat died as a result of torture by Fatah, the world heard it but there were no protests, no anger. The corruption and brutality of the Palestinian government are easily blamed on Israel. When the Palestinian government demands that their people kill Jews they are praised and when they kill Palestinians for protesting they are Israeli puppets. The cognitive dissonance can only be explained by one thing: it’s not about Palestinians, it is about hatred of Jews.

How else do we explain the obsession with the death of Shireen Abu Akleh? Her death was inconclusive but US media immediately spun the story to blame Israel instead of the armed groups that instigated the Israeli troops, who entered Area A only with an invitation of the Palestinian Authority.

We can see clearly that the world is happy to ignore the dozens of journalists brazenly killed by Russian soldiers in Ukraine, the hundreds of journalists killed in Mexico and Central America, and the dozens executed by ISIS, or jailed by China. Even the Palestinian nationality of a journalist will not matter unless they are killed by an Israeli bullet.

The death of every journalist is tragic and Israel should be as accountable as any other nation, but the world should treat all journalists as valuable and not use their death as a vehicle for antisemitic urges.

About the Author
Sam Livin was born in Soviet Union and grew up in San Diego. In 2012, he travelled the world photographing Jewish communities publishing a book called "Your Story Our Sipur." Today he continues to write about Israel and Judaism as he lives and studies business and ecology in Tel Aviv.
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