Not letting lying dogs sleep

Jeremy Corbyn is a well-known, indeed infamous, British enthusiast of all sorts of unsavoury clerical fascists, foreign Islamist politicos and assorted fans of Jew-killing with whom he hobnobs, or attends demonstrations.  Jeremy Corbyn has received money from the Iranian Islamic Republic for overseas “fact-finding” missions. Jeremy Corbyn is a regular at the annual Khomeinist organised Al-Quds Day demonstrations in London, where he lines up with supporters of Hizbullah and speaks passionately on their behalf. Corbyn has even stood in for the vile George Galloway on Press TV, the Iranian satellite TV outlet notorious for its Holocaust denial, insane antisemitic conspiracy theorising and demands for the liquidation of the Jewish state. Jeremy Corbyn is on record as describing himself as a “friend” of Hamas and Hizbullah, both proscribed as terrorist organisations in the UK and elsewhere. Meanwhile, quite breathtakingly, in an example of the double-think characteristic of the British left, Jeremy Corbyn has also been described by a Constituency Labour Party branch (Dartford, Kent) as a committed “antifascist”.

Jeremy Corbyn also just so happens to be the Labour Party Member of Parliament for the inner London constituency of Islington North. That’s the very mainstream Labour Party that were the governing party of the United Kingdom until 2010 — just to remind gentle readers — not some loony left outlier of the British left.

My last post was about the antisemitic nature of much of the British left. It seems to have caused some disgruntlement amongst the comrades in Britain. Seemingly, I am guilty of “kicking at straw men” (in the words of one aggrieved British leftist). Indeed, the general tenor of the complaints about my post from elements of the British left are that the offences I had laid at the door of the British left in general were really only the bad words and deeds of an extreme and tiny sub-set of the British hard left. Now, it is true that in my last outing on this subject, I concentrated on examples drawn the blatant antisemitism of the British communist movement and its fellow-travellers in order to make my point. However, it would be a big mistake to assume that, as a result of such examples, everything was sweetness and light everywhere else on the British left. Jeremy Corbyn, MP, a left-of-centre member of the very mainstream British Labour Party is a case in point.

Let’s not let this dog lie. In fact, let’s kick it very hard.

On March 20th this year, Jeremy Corbyn published in the Communist Party of Britain linked daily, the Morning Star, an article entitled “Gaza Anger Grows”. The Morning Star is keen on putting in scare quotes anything that paints Israel in a bad light. Hamas lob missiles into a Jewish town, IDF dare respond? It will be noticed by the hacks at the Morning Star with a strap line something like: “Israeli kill innocent Gazans in disproportionate response to Palestinian ‘terror'”. You get the idea. In short, the Morning Star is an ideal vehicle for Corbyn’s special brand of pro-Hamas propaganda. Of course, one would be entirely wrong to suggest that only the Morning Star would touch Corbyn’s fact-lite adulating of clerical fascist Jew-killers.

Corbyn’s article touches base at all the usual “anti-Zionist” legends and myths:

Israel as the occupying power is responsible for the well-being of Palestinians but its concerns and actions remain rooted in a warped interpretation of “security.”

Israel controls virtually every move the Palestinians make with its checkpoints and restriction of movement between cities and abroad, its apartheid wall, strategically placed settlements, Palestinian political prisoners, indiscriminate killings and finally — and perhaps most urgently — the siege of Gaza. All of this excused for “security” reasons.

Of course, it is worth noting that no other state on the surface of the Earth would be expected to tolerate missile attacks targeting its civilian population, suicide bombers (targeting its civilian population), the massacre of its women and children by mad people running amok in their homes, the depiction of captured terrorists as “political prisoners”, nor the security of its borders being depicted by second-rate propagandists in the pay of Hamas (more on this later) as “twisted”. Unless, of course, that state happens to be the Jewish State and be full of… cough… Jews.

I am not going to fisk Corbyn’s hysterical piece in any detail, but one section really stands out. It concerns recent communication Corbyn has had with his “good friend”, Mona El Farra:

My good friend, writer and activist Mona El Farra sent me a tragic tale recently of a young girl. “Nisreen’s right arm was amputated after a septic wound led to gangrene when she was three years old. This was due to a medical error, as the family says.

“However, there is a wider context affecting Nisreen and all Palestinians in Gaza. Inadequate health facilities, due first to the illegal Israeli-imposed siege and lack of proper medications, then to the lack of proper training for physicians and chances to exchange experiences with their colleagues.

“The border closures and tightening siege since 2007 have also denied the right to health, as increasing numbers of patients cannot travel due to restrictions from both the Egyptian and Israeli governments.”

Let’s examine this very carefully. There’s a small child in Gaza who has lost her arm as a result of gangrene. This was due, according to El-Farra, to medical error — and the child’s family concur. The child did not injure her arm as a result of IDF action. The child did not lose her arm because of some direct and callous intervention by the evil (TM) Zionists. Let’s be sure of this: Mona El Farra and the child’s family all agree that the child lost her arm because of medical incompetence and nothing else. Case closed? Not a chance! Oh deary me no, the child’s amputation was because of the evil (TM) Zionasties deliberately not training medics in another state (Gaza) and not sharing with these foreign (Gazan) medics cutting-edge Israeli medical expertise. Really?

No, not really. Not really at all.

To start with, Jeremy Corbyn is being very coy about Mona El Farra. He describes her simply as his “good friend, writer and activist Mona El Farra”. What he omits from his description of his good friend, Mona El Farra is the information that she is not only the head of the Islamist dominated Red Crescent Society in Gaza, but that she has a long track record of making up medical horror stories about the Israeli and their alleged lack of concern for the healthcare of the people of Gaza.

Mona’s economies with the truth have been exposed by, amongst others, Allon Lee of the Australia/Israel and Jewish Affairs Council. Mona turned up in Australia last year on one of her periodic global jollies, spouting mistruths to anyone who would listen. Allon Lee was waiting for her. Lee reports “Moaning Mona” (as he calls her) talking about Gaza’s so-called health crisis:

El Farra’s solution for Gaza’s purported health crisis was to demand “freedom of movement of medications and supplies…because 50 per cent of basic medications and supplies are lacking in Gaza all the time”.

Lee observes that this is a very interesting “theory”, given that

In June 2011 Mahmoud Daher, the Gaza office director of the World Health Organization, explained that shortages of medicines resulted from “a failure by the Palestinian authorities to pay suppliers on time and a lack of cooperation between health authorities in the West Bank and Gaza.”

In short then, a little girl in Gaza lost her arm because of the failure of the Palestinian authorities to pay their bills and because the Palestinian authorities in Gaza cannot and will not allow cooperation with their Palestinian counterparts in the West Bank. Absolutely nothing to do with Israeli “siege”, refusal to train medics or share expertise – and absolutely everything to do with the clerical fascist rule of Hamas, a group dedicated to the extinction of the Jewish presence in the region.

It took me about 15 minutes to access this information about the real story behind the lies being touted by Jeremy Corbyn’s “good friend”, El Farra. Unlike Jeremy Corbyn, I do not utilise the services of a researcher, nor do I take one on “fact finding” missions I may enjoy at the expense of Islamist “charities” with extensive links to Hamas that operate out of the UK.

How do I know that Jeremy Corbyn took a researcher with him on his “very short” (quote) trip to Gaza? Well because he declares this in a statement of Members Interests to the House of Commons. In it  he informs his fellow Members of Parliament that he travelled to Gaza in the company of his wife and his researcher at a total cost of £2,821.50.

A shame, then, that he, his wife and his researcher missed the very obvious fact that his best friend in Gaza, Mona El Farra, was once again making things up. Or perhaps they really did not care, Of course, far be it from me to suggest that a trip, which is recorded in the same place as lasting an entire week (15 – 21 February, 2014), is hardly a “very short trip” as Corbyn would have us believe. But then how time must fly when one is junketing on fizzy guava juice with chums from a clerical fascist terrorist group (Hamas) dedicated to the extermination of Jews and the elimination of the Jewish state.

Another thing that Jeremy Corbyn fails to mention in his extended Israel bashing in the pages of the Morning Star is exactly who footed the bill for his “very short” trip to Gaza. Again, the Foreign Trips section of his declared Member’s Interests reveals what Jeremy would rather we did not know. It was the well notorious British Islamist charity, Interpal.

The British blog, Harry’s Place, has been doggedly pursuing Interpal for years. Back in 2012, one of its bloggers had this to say of Interpal:

This blog has documented Interpal’s nasty record for some years now. But the story is older than that. Interpal was first exposed in the British media by a BBC Panorama documentary way back in 2006. That followed its designation by the US as a terror funder in 2003. The US noted that “Interpal, headquartered in the UK, has been a principal charity utilized to hide the flow of money to Hamas” and “Reporting indicates that Interpal is the fundraising coordinator of Hamas”.

That blog post is well worth reading. And guess who turns out to be one of Interpal’s biggest fans in the British Labour Party? Yes, you guessed right! None other than Jeremy Corbyn, MP.

So, let’s get this straight. Jeremy Corbyn, Labour MP, takes a trip to Hamastan – aka, Gaza – paid for by a “charity” that has been identified by the United States government as a fundraising and propaganda front for Hamas, an organisation that is designated as a terrorist organisation by Britain and the US and is proscribed in both countries. Jeremy Corbyn, MP for the mainstream Labour Party, then peddles a pack of misinformation (in a newspaper linked to the definitely institutionally antisemitic Communist Party of Britain) that favours the narrative fiction as propaganda pumped out by… Hamas. Who would have thunk it?

But there is more to it than this.

Jeremy Corbyn, MP, is not some crazed cadre of a microscopic far left sect. Jeremy Corbyn is a Member of the British Parliament, a member of a mainstream social democratic party, a respected pillar of the British political scene. What is laid to bed in all of the above is the idea that left antisemitism is the preserve only of the British loony left, of a few mad Trots and Stalinists flogging deranged conspiracy theories to death in the pages of their badly printed and barely read journals. It is not. Antisemitism is part of the mainstream British left’s daily discourse. It should not be; but it is — and no amount of clenching the eyes tightly shut and hoping it will all go away will make it otherwise. Until the British left take notice of the vile antisemitic direction it has chosen to take and until the British left start to stand up for the Jewish people and Israel, the British left will continue to be treated by honourable and right-thinking people with the contempt the British left so clearly presently deserves.

About the Author
Benjamin is a school teacher and freelance writer; witness and participant in the January 25th 2011 Egyptian Revolution. He has blogged at Harry's Place, The Spittoon, and Huffington Post UK.