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Nothing is sacred to BDS; not even Eurovision

Well, it had to happen. The ultimate left wing attack on Israel by mostly British pinhead actors, singers, and other inconsequential entertainers, is happening as we speak. The BBC (British Broadcasting Authority) has resisted the entertainment industry and refused to take the bait on boycotting the live transmission of Eurovision from Israel. The force behind this boycott is of course none other than the blatant anti-Semite organization BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanction). An organization which I have taken to task in the past, and which continues to spread its vicious attacks on Israel in the present. Kudos to the BBC for refusing to bow down to activist brow beating by BDS and those supporting it.

One more time we must endure the hijacking of an unrelated entertainment event by partisan crazies. Most of us would like to have one evening of political reprieve and enjoy something as senseless as a song contest. Why spoil our evening as we listen to an array of songs that hardly leave any significant memory in our feeble minds? Please, allow us this unique experience void of toxic politics. Let us wallow in a much deserved night of fun. For one evening in May we would like to leave our brains at the door. Those of us who have been raised watching this drivel enjoy rooting for our respective countries. No matter how long ago we might have left them, we want to see them win. Who could not love israel’s Netta and her colorful personality? She was quirky, fun, and un-pretentious. Most important: she provided us with a great evening of entertainment. What could be better than that?

I have just listened to a book recording by Bernie Goldberg; author, journalist, and former Fox political contributor. His book (Crazies to The Left of Me, Wimps to The Right. 2007) brought up a very poignant fact about anti-Semitism and the self declared righteous liberal left. He pointed out that liberal anti-bias activism seems to stop with Jews. These same activists who gave us Black Lives Matter, #MeToo, and weep at the sight of an illegal immigrant at the southern border, have no qualms going after Israel and Zionists. An insidious fundamental commonality with right wing hooded crazies. A perfect match. But very few in the liberal media call them out because anti-Semitism has morphed into convenient semantics by far left intellectuals. They would like us to believe that they are morally and intellectually superior and being anti-Israel or anti-Zionist is not the same as being anti-Jewish. That is like saying that overweight people are not fat. This legitimizes BDS narrative, politicians, and parties like the UK Labor Party and its leader Jeremy Corbyn, who has made similar scathing remarks that “anti-Zionism is not racism”. He has referred to members of Hamas and Hezbollah as his “friends”. Members of his party and supporters have sublimely supported Holocaust deniers and posted stereo-typical cartoons on social media, often depicting Jews as greedy bankers.

The “anti-Zionism is not racism” mantra is not UK Labor Party specific either. Newly elected Somalian-American Democratic Minnesota Congresswoman, Ilham Omar, openly supports BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanction) and has publicly stated that she has a problem with Israel being recognized as an Israeli State, because it “does not recognize any other religions”. This woman obviously has never been to Israel, where Christians, Muslims, and Jews can worship freely and unencumbered. This charmer is now on the Foreign Affairs Committee. Rashida Tlaib from Michigan, also a newly elected Democrat to the House of Representatives, posed for her victory photo wrapped in a Palestinian flag and at the first opportunity threw a four-letter expletive at President Trump. Another intellectual leftist. Both BDS supporters and both members of Congress. Their narrative remains unchanged: anti-Israel or anti-Zionism is not anti-Jewish. I don’t know what is more disconcerting, that they are blatantly bigoted or that they have been elected regardless of their bigotry? As of right now, not one Democrat in the Democratic party has either sanctioned or questioned these women. But then the same Democratic party supports the Women’s March organization led by three notorious unapologetic anti-Semites in the country; Linda Sarsour, Tamika Mallory, and Bob Bland. Ms. Mallory posed with Nation of Islam Louis Farrakhan, calling him “greatest of all times”. This is a guy who routinely calls Jews “termites”. But I digress.

Anti-Zionism is solely based on political opinion and belief. Most of the anti-Israel crowd has never set foot in Israel. This bias is mostly prevalent in liberal arenas. Unlike the “in your face” hatred and racism of the right wing nutcases, organizations like BDS shroud themselves in nebulous righteous accusations against Israel while giving Hamas and Hezbollah a pass. This is compounded by the fact that politicians like Corybn, Tlaib, and Omar, have found a legitimate political platform for ignorant racist narrative to an equally ignorant public. Comparing Israel to Iran and denouncing it as a legitimate democracy is past political rhetoric, it is downright dangerous.

Bernie Goldberg subtly but convincingly revealed the hypocrisy of the liberal left. They wear social justice on their sleeves while being selective on who they feel is worthy of being saved or given the benefit of the doubt. In the world of liberal public opinion, Israel always loses to the “poor” Arab world, namely the Palestinians. Regardless of unprovoked attacks on Israel and its citizens, the benefit of the doubt is always given to the other side. Why? Bernie thinks that social activism is subject to specific liberal conditions and benefits. This aspect of activism finds nothing wrong in judging and condemning a segment of society or a nation simply on grounds that it does not fit the liberal political narrative, or perhaps it does not mold to the liberal idea of what “just” should look like. How often does the main stream media report on attacks against Israeli citizens in their own country and neighborhoods? How often has the same media condemned these attacks? So why are we so surprised that the liberal left is now attacking something as inconsequential as a song festival?

The Eurovision Song Festival started in Lugano, Switzerland in May 1956. It was a post war effort to bring European nations together in song. A talent competition that put the brightest and best national singers on stage. They would be judged by their peer and neighboring countries in an effort to win and promote camaraderie. The grand price was always the anticipation of the venue being in one’s country. Apart from a few artists like Abba, who won the contest in 1974, the winners never became a global sensation, and I doubt anyone can name or remember other winners. With the end of the Cold War, former East Bloc countries entered the contest and Eurovision welcomed them with open arms. We are all about diversity aren’t we?

Israel has been competing since 1973. How did a non-European country join the competition? The Israel Broadcasting Authority (IBA) was a member of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) which hosted the event. This made it possible for Israel to compete. Israel has since won four times; 1973, 1979, 1999, and of course 2018. Including this year, it hosted the event twice more, both times in Jerusalem. It could not host the 1980 contest because of financial challenges and also because Eurovision fell on Yom Hazikaron. In 2017 the IBA was replaced by the Israel Broadcasting Corporation (IBC) a non EBU member. Although 2017 was supposed to be Israel’s last year to compete, IBC was given a temporary membership and last year’s win extended the membership to this year. Eventually a ruling by the High Court of Justice will determine whether IBC can legally belong to the EBU. In the meantime, and while the ruling is being considered, Israel can still compete. For those still wondering why Israel should participate: Australia has participated since 2015. Other countries that were allowed to enter were Azerbaijan and Morocco. Tunisia and Lebanon are looking into competing as well. I do not anticipate any protests against any of these countries even though Lebanon Hezbollah launches missiles against Israel more often than any of us can count.

The Eurovision song contest should be taken at face value. An evening of often forgettable tunes and equally forgettable contestants. But it is also a once-a-year opportunity when countries who normally ignore or dislike each other come together in song and entertainment. You would think that the socially conscience liberal left would give its blessing rather than turn to toxic bigotry for relevance. To the BBC and those supporting the event in Tel-Aviv; thank you for not capitulating to social activism blackmail. To BDS and other loons: get a life, pull a chair, get a drink, take a load off your bigoted minds, enjoy the music, and dare to dream. Shalom!


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