Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d


There is a Russian song that says: There is nothing besides Him.

It was composed about a hundred years ago, by a Chosid who danced and celebrated, overjoyed when he heard that the previous Lubavitcher Rebbe, who had been imprisoned for spreading Judaism in Communist Russia, was freed.

Those were scary days. The Communists considered religion a threat, since it meant believing in something other than Communist Russia. The government brutally cracked down on Jewish religious life, especially Jewish education. But the Chassidim, under the previous Rebbe’s leadership, formed underground schools to teach children Torah.

When the Russian government arrested the Rebbe, tremendous efforts were made to galvanize global pressure to free him. Eventually these efforts were successful, and the Russians gave in.

The great joy and appreciation to G-d for this miracle, resonates with us even today. It reminds us, that even when times are extremely trying, and sometimes the situation seems hopeless, G-d Almighty is not limited by brutal regimes or anything else; and just as He has miraculously saved us in the past, throughout the generations, now too He will save us. And miraculously, even oppressors become liberators.

G-d is everywhere, controls everything, and can do anything.

There is nothing besides Him.

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