November 29 has become the International Day of Lies at the UN

Today, November 29, is the anniversary of the United Nations resolution 181, also know as the “Partition Plan of Palestine”. 68 years ago, as the State of Israel struggled for independence from the British Mandate, the UN did something miraculous. They recognized the State of Israel as a legitimate state and granted autonomy. However, they also proposed there be two states for two peoples. One would be the State of Israel for the Jewish people and another would be a Palestinian State.

After 2,000 years of exile the Jewish nation was reunited with its land, fulfilling the true words of the prophets. They were finally returning to their homeland, from the ashes of the Holocaust that ended just two years prior, and accepted this UN resolution.

Let me repeat that.

The Jewish people, who historically and ancestrally had rights to their homeland, agreed to have it allocated between them and another group of people who did not have the same claims to the land. Why?

Because we were taught to share in pre-school instead of brainwashed to ruthlessly kill.

Oh and for the sake of peace. That is, if the other side agrees to play nice and share.

But we know, looking back at almost seven decades of history that that has not been the case. Long story short, the Palestinians rejected the deal, instigated a war against Israel, and still carrying on with the demonization and delegitimization of Israel today

Amid all the flawed points they choose to fabricate, the Palestinians also disregard the fact that we agreed to give them a state and that they were the ones who rejected our offer of peace, issuing a declaration of war. The Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People has even become creative with its denigrations against Israel and dubbed the anniversary of the resolution International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, where they gather together from morning to night to complain that they were not granted a state, while Israel was, twisting the facts of why that was.

abbas 4
And where else would such a gallant assembly take place, but at the body of hypocrisy itself – the United Nations.

Who in their right mind would show up to genuinely observe such a day built off false pretenses? Emphasis on right mind, because clearly everyone in the world today is completely crazy. I understand that the innocents living in Gaza suffer under Hamas, and that is nothing to belittle, but if we already have a day established to be in solidarity with a victimized nation it should very well be Israel who suffers at the hands of terrorists daily. Or every single place in the world that has been through wars and strife like Rwanda, the Congo, Darfur, Kosovo etc. If the UN earnestly wanted to do something to assist the Palestinians it would urge Mahmoud Abbas to start being honest and transparent and amend his laws, or resign – not bring people into a room for an annual senseless hatred fest.

Delegates from the predictable Middle East countries found their seats on the ground level of the chamber while a number pro-Palestinian student groups showed up and sat behind me. The small screens on the tables were lit up with #palestineday while the students took smiley photos in front of the event screen. It seemed so much more like a celebration than a meaningful service that I really would not have been surprised if they would have started to hand out festive goody bags.

abbas 3

The speeches were divided into two parts; placing Hamas leader and PLO President Mahmoud Abbas’s statement, read by the Permanent Observer of the State of Palestine Riyad Mansour, as the closer for the first half. As per usual, he starts off real classy thanking everyone for being at the event and sends his warmest greetings from Palestine. Uhm, you mean Gaza, where you abuse, neglect, and oppress innocent people. But totally omit that – you don’t want people to think you are a vicious dictator. He takes up one whole single spaced page to kiss up to the UN and Security Council before he gets down to business.

abbas 1

He states that Israel “inflicted grave hardships on the Palestinian people” detailing that there is a double standard regarding the Palestinians while Israel behaves as a “State above the law”.

Of course it would not be a true anti-Israel meeting without the insertion of Abbas’s favorite lying catchphrases such as “occupation”, “colonial settlement”, “extrajudicial killings”, “blockade”, “home demolitions”, “brutal attacks”, “apartheid” and “incitement against holy places”.

Once he is done making war crime accusations against Israel he tightly puts on his phony peace mask – an even bigger deception.

His proposal (identical to what his predecessors rejected in 1947) was that there should be “clear parameters to achieve peace on the basis of the two-State solution”. He resumes to say that everyone is “aware that peace is our desired goal and that is what we are seeking to achieve with full determination, resolve, and sincere will”.

The kicker of this speech was when Abbas claimed that the Palestinians are “the only party bound by these agreements” because “many rounds of negotiations have been wasted by successive Israeli governments” while “The State of Palestine continues to act with utmost responsibility to serve its people…and act in good faith for the sake of peace”.


So why did you reject Ehud Olmert’s peace deal in 2008? Why did you fire rockets at Israel after it forced thousands of citizens and troops to undergo an operation in 2005 to evacuate the land under the false pretense of peace? Why did the Oslo Accords not bring peace?

The only ones here who are acting above international law, violating human rights, and delegitimizing are Abbas and his cronies.

Israel Ambassador to the United Nations, Danny Danon said, “This is a shameful day for the United Nations” which is used “as a platform to attack Israel” and requests that the world “rip off the Palestinian mask of lies.” The Ambassador is dead-on. It is time for the countries of the United Nations to remember who the real enemy of the world is. It is time the world recognizes the lies Abbas feeds it and gains its sustenance from another source. Israel.

About the Author
Corrine is a passionate advocate and delegate for Israel in America. She is a senior at Yeshiva University and is a campus leader from the Israel club, lobby missions, ZOA, AIPAC, and the IAC. Corrine is a student of Ambassador Danny Ayalon and hopes to pursue a career in Israeli diplomacy. She has been working for Taglit-Birthright since 2013, interned under Consul General Ido Aharoni at the Israeli Consulate in New York City, interns at Hasbara Fellowships and is a student leader of the Israeli American Council's Mishelanu.