Now It Is Up To Us

It’s over.   Three teenagers –  children, really – were brutally murdered on their way home from school simply because they are Jewish.

They were murdered because the moslem-arab leadership uses all its resources – money, school curricula, media – to promote murder of Jews.   In this case, the killers are members of Hamas.  Hamas, portrayed by Time magazine (on the day of the kidnapping) as a social-welfare organization which provides day camps for arab children, educates these children, from age zero, to use wepaons against jews.   Every so often, Israel woudl publicize photos of children wearing “explosive belts,” shooting “rifles” at photos of Jews, burning Isreali flags, but the world doesn’t care.

The world doesn’t care that Abu Mazen only condemned the kidnapping because, “it hurts the arabs” that the IDF was confiscating hundreds of illegal weapons.  Certainly, the world doesn’t care that Abu Mazen himself directed the massacre of 18 Israeli children in 1974 – well before teh eestablishment of those settlements that are supposedly THE obstacle to peace in the Middle East.  But the world doesn’t care that the PLO was formed in 1964, only 16 years into the existence of the tiny holocaust-survivor Jewish state, and three full years before Israel “conquered” Yehuda and the Shomron.

And, the world doesn’t care that these lands that the arabs are claiming as their homeland were not indepedent Palestinian lands.  From 1948 until 1967 they were under Jordanian rule.  And after Israel succeeded in surviving yet another attempt at her destruction by Jordan, Syria, Egypt and other arab nations not on her borders. Jordan said , “we don’t want it back.”  But no one cares.

And the world certainly doesn’t care that Abu Mazen has not broken his partnership with Hamas, despite his promises.

It is up to us, to the Israeli government, to the education ministry, to the Israeli press, to ensure that at the very least, all Israelis are aware of the the entire truth.   It is up to us to stop the spread of arab lies, to stop using euphemisms or false words that cover up for atrocities and give legitimacy to people and organizations that are completely illegitimate.

It is up to us, the Israeli public, to demand that all arab communities be completely cleaned of all illegal weapons, no matter how long it takes.   It is up to us to demand that the kidnappers-murderers be given the death sentence when they are found, and that their families, their supporters, their close friends – all be stripped of Israeli citzenship and deported – not to Azza, much further away.  And, yes, including those supporters who are curerntly members of Israel’s parliament.

It is up to us to close down the moslem-arab media and “educational” institutions that spread hatred and violence against Jews and Israeli citizens.  We have to take the wheel, and change the course of moslem-arab education, as has been done in Jewish school’s in order to prepare the population to accept “compromises” – only this time, to educate the moslem arabs to the truth – to the facts of arab terror against jews over the past 100 years, as well as to the differences in terms of human rights between their lives in Jewish Israel vis-a-vis life in Moslem countries.

But more than anything else, it is up to us to maintain and enhance the unity of the past 18 days.  It is up to us to gather for prayers with Jews who dress differently than ourselves, to tolerate women’s singing or Hassidic accents, just as we woudl if the woman were a sister, the Hassidic man an uncle – family members whom we love and would never want to insult.

It is up to us – Jews and Israeli citizens – to love each other, to be kind and considerate and fair, to make sure that these wonderful boys did not die for naught.



About the Author
Chana made Aliya at age 17 as part of her goal to live Torah in the details. When not writing obsessively, she is a full-time wife and mother, with side helpings of remedial math teaching and case management for special-needs kids. Currently studying psychology and education at Open University and desperately seeking cleaning help.
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