Michel M.J. Shore

Now, On the Eve of Tisha b’Av, ‘Lest We Forget’

Israel was only destroyed, in peril

Lapsed, when not united, ”Lest we forget”;

Now, sadness and anxiety prevail!


Without unity, the dispute between

Kamsa and Bar Kamsa returns again,

And who, now, reads the writing on the “Wall”!


This is the eleventh hour for all sectors

Of Israeli society to pause:

“If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, let …”


Ma tovu ohaleha, Yaacov, mishkenoteha YIsrael!

How goodly are your tents, O Jacob; thy dwelling places, Israel!

Henai ma’tovu manayim, shevet ahim gam yahad!

How good it is when brothers and sisters dwell together in unity!

About the Author
Michel M.J. Shore is a retired judge of the Federal Court of Canada and recently made a home in Israel. He is the writer of several published books and poetry collections.
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