Elaine Rosenberg Miller

Obama 2.0

In a 2012 Roanoke, VA campaign speech, President Obama, famously said ”You didn’t build that!”

Many listeners found it insulting, untrue and divisive.

His supporters furiously fought back and said he was referring to rich people and then not to rich people at all but government funded “roads and bridges”.

The subliminal message was, in the end, racist.

It was a precursor to the institutionalization of DEI (“diversity, equity and inclusion”) which once rolling, collected hundreds of millions of dollars from corporate America, snared entire departments at major universities and elsewhere and thoroughly savaged American comity.

America didn’t know when it had it good.

Post his State of the Union speech (scream) Biden appeared on an MSNBC broadcast hosted by Jonathan Capehart.

Biden’s apology to an illegal alien who allegedly mutilated and killed a jogging student nurse, Laken Riley, age 22 for (rightfully) calling him an illegal alien, has extended Obama’s attempt to shame American for relying on their eyes and common sense and takes it to a new level. Biden told Capehart that illegal aliens (he called them “undocumented immigrants”) “built the country”.

At least Obama was apparently just referring to white American citizens.

Joe Biden takes on 341 million American citizens of every ethnic and racial background.

Every day we increasingly realize that Biden is repeating the talking points of his handlers.

But is something else going on?

Yes, we know he has repeatedly lied. (The leftist press calls them “gaffes”. They blame his “stutter”. Hello? Stuttering is a neurological affliction. Lying is a want of character and values.)

But Joe, the Submissive Man is something new.

Listen to his response to Capehart asking him if he thinks Hamas “actually wants a ceasefire”.

“Oh, I think Hamas would like total ceasefire across the board because they then would see they would have better chance to survive and maybe rebuild. But that’s not what I think the vast majority of people think, you have to look ..”.

Suddenly he stops talking, freezes, holding his hand mid-air. When he resumes, he starts babbling about World War Two.

Did he get a message through an earpiece which panicked him into trying to throw dust on his prior answer?

Did the voice resemble that of a certain Hawaiian, Chicagoan, Deep South, former Indonesian resident?

Asking for a friend.

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