Obama and Reid use Israeli Civilians as Human Shields

The Iron Dome missile defense system has probably saved the lives of thousands of innocent Israeli women and children.

Courtesy: IDF
Courtesy: IDF

Hamas, hiding behind their own women and children, has fired 3,000 missiles into Israel’s major population centers. When Israel responds and attacks the Hamas terrorists and there are civilian casualties, Israel gets the blame.

Barak Obama and Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid have adopted Hamas’ tactics in the US Senate.

They strapped Israel’s emergency request of $225M to replenish the stock of Iron Dome missiles to the Obama’s controversial $2.7B Border Bill which deals primarily with the emergency of Illegal “children” flooding the USA’s southern border. Many of these “children” are 16 and 17 year old gang members and are just as dangerous as the teenagers fighting among the ranks of Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

The Iron Dome system has universal support in the USA. Jointly developed with Israel’s expertise and USA funding, it is just as much an “American Baby” as it is Israeli.

The Iron Dome was developed to provide an effective defense against incoming missiles. During this war in Gaza, we have shown it to be battle ready. And the Americans understand that they now have an effective defense system to protect their own cities against incoming rockets and missiles.

No thinking American would deny helping Israel with $225m to keep testing the Iron Dome “baby.”

Obama knows that. Harry Reid knows that.

So they cynically strapped the Iron Dome “baby” onto their extremely controversial Border Bill effectively taunting the Republican party and saying, “Go ahead, lets see you shoot this Border Bill down. You’ll kill the Iron Dome Baby with it if you do. And you, the Republicans will be labeled as ‘baby killers.'”

The Republicans didn’t fall for this “terror tactic” and shot down the bill.

And who is the real victim? Israel. Whose citizens will be vulnerable to attack if we run out of Iron Dome missiles.

It’s a lesson to remind us that we have no one to rely upon except for Avinu BaShamayim – Our Father in Heaven.

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