Obama betrays Israel and American Jews

This past Friday the final nail in the betrayal of Israel’s coffin was hammered in with a swift and resounding stroke. The Obama administration’s abstention vote on the UN Security Council’s resolution condemning Israel for settlement construction confirmed our greatest fears.

Let’s set the scene for Friday – Syria is up in flames, mass genocide is being perpetrated over there as I type this, Europe is reeling from recent terror attacks such as the Berlin massacre, and the UN decides that the most pressing issue on the world stage is the condemnation of Israeli settlements as an “obstacle to peace”. This coincides with the fact that it’s been revealed that the Palestinian Authority (PA) uses American taxpayer money to pay terrorists for their “service” of murdering Israeli civilians.

Obama, who has always been apathetic to the Israel cause at best, almost went down in history as a somewhat sympathetic president to Israel. All that changed on Friday when the US chose to vote “abstain” on this ridiculous UN resolution. If you are an American Zionist, or even an American supporter of Israel you should be outraged by this betrayal. The left will dismiss it as not that significant, but it is way more significant that one may think. It is a clear and sharp rebuke by Obama of Israel as a whole in the last month of his presidency. Here are a few issues that this abstention will cause:

– It inadvertently legitimizes terrorism by Palestinians because it will embolden extremist who now view this as western support of their cause.
– It is a betrayal of American Jewry wether they realize it or not. Their president voted against Israel, Jews all over the world may be affected by increased anti-Semitism anti-Israel bias without even realizing it.
– It gives fodder to all anti-Israel NGOs, countries and the like, who can now point to the US and say that even the United States is against Israel.

Even though this vote is clearly a blow to Israel-US relations, ironically the pro-Israel camp can be happy that Trump is the incoming president. I am not a supporter of Trump nor am I against him, as a Libertarian I believe both the Democrats and Republicans are horrifically corrupt. However, for the first time since Trump was elected, I am wholeheartedly happy he won. There is no doubt that for Israel the Trump presidency will be a good one.

As for the UN as an international body, it is time to either have it totally revamped or abolish it completely. No more flagrant human rights abusers chairing human rights councils, no more inaction to genocide, no more obsessions with specific issues over others, no more pandering to extremists, enough is enough. The UN has become an even more absurd caricature itself, in the process losing much of its credibility and influence. The UN has lost its way, it is impotent, and its Israel-obsession has tainted it beyond repair. The time has come for a referendum of dissolution to be called just as was done with the League of Nations.

In regards to president Obama, whether he cares or not, he has just cemented his place in history to be perceived as the most anti-Israel president since the reestablishment of the state. Although his administration constantly promotes rhetoric to the contrary, his actions prove otherwise as we have seen with the Iran Deal and the unprecedented abstention vote last Friday.

On the positive side of things, for Israel at least, Trump becomes president on Jan 20th 2017, and this serves as a unique opportunity to redeem US-Israeli relations. I envision that his administration will serve as a catalyst to finally work on a resolution of the conflict with no preconditions. Except last Friday, President Obama’s Middle East foreign policy focused on appeasement and capitulation, that just doesn’t work here. It is no coincidence that the entire region has spiraled into complete chaos and is in even worse shape than it was 8 years ago. It’s sad that with everything else going on in the world, he chose to single out the only democracy, bastion of sanity, and beacon of hope in the entire Middle East – Israel.

Here is to President Trump making a swift and decisive turnaround on Jan 20th to rectify this despicable betrayal. I believe he will come through, I have to.

About the Author
I am a Zionist with a background in social activism, Israel advocacy, and a degree in psychology and Judaic studies. I grew up in an ultra orthodox community in Brooklyn new, York.
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