Obama’s F for foreign policy

The other day, The New York Times in an unsigned op-ed called Obama’s foreign policy record “respectable”.

Not so fast, Gray Lady.

As an opinion that’s fit to print, but in reality nothing could be further from the truth.

Obama’s foreign policy is amateurish, bumbling, and misguided by his not-so-secret allegiance to Islamic-world affinities some would say are inchoate, others call demonstrable, but all could agree have no place in the American government.

The way this White House treated Mubarak was like kicking a sick dog in the ribs. So he was a dictator, got it. And the rulers of China are any better?  The manner in which this administration sided with a so-called revolution that began on Facebook, pathetic. (And who got rich from it — Facebook?)

Other notable but not respectable foreign policy moves:

The feeble stance vis-a-vis relations with Russia and China, unbecoming of a superpower.

The failure to rally to ally Greece’s side in its moment of fiscal-philosophical conflict with Germany.

The abysmal pseudo-engagement with Israel

The appointment of amateurish ambassadors (more amateurish than the norm).

The ill-defined policy in Pakistan.

The failure to follow through on Iraq.

The self-flagellating stance on Iran.

The disrespect to the Queen of England.

The failure to contain the neo-imperialistic aspirations of Argentina and Venezuela.

The failure to eject Turkish troops from Cyprus (if Obama could actually point to Cyprus on a map without asking an advisor first, I would be surprised).

The humiliation of watching Canada give Israel a firmer handshake than us.

The inaction in Syria and Mali.

Joe Biden.

Calling all that and more “respectable” would be almost as bad as saying your date was “nice,” if only it weren’t worse.

What it all adds up to is a foreign policy record with an F grade that is quite simply a national  embarrassment.

Now that Barack Hussein has spent almost four years lecturing the American public, it’s time he took a few notes himself. But not even a skyfall can help when your head’s as far up in the clouds as his is.