Of Cannibals and A World Turned Upside Down

I am reminded of a scenario that came to mind a while back where an active shooter penetrated a movie theatre here in the U.S.  After killing dozens of people with an assault rifle, the police finally took out the terrorist. The shock of this incident, and many more like it, continue to plague the American public. It is not without great remorse to witness the outpouring of support from citizens of this great country.

But….what if….just what if the scenario was different. Imagine, if you will, the same event but with a different twist. The making of real horror story goes like this.  The shooter is taken out. Public reaction vilifies the police department for police brutality. They didn’t try to ‘talk him down’ with a trained negotiator so he could be arrested, sent to anger management classes on probation, and assigned to a facility with color TV, three squares a day, and a stipend. Also imagine more horror when half the foreign ambassadors in Washington accuse the U.S. of ‘summery execution’.  The U.N. Security Council passes resolutions condemning the United States for ‘genocide’.  What’s more, the American people put their cards, candles, and teddy bears on the terrorist’s grave, and name a street after him.  When asked what they think of this, undergraduate students at U.S. universities take to the campus quads with slogans calling for the dead victims to ‘have never been there in the first place!’

This could go on and on, but I think one gets the point. This is what Israel lives with on a daily basis. Now for the real news. The placement of metal detectors on and around the Temple Mount is for public safety…safety for Everyone!  Almost every public venue I have attended here in America since 9-11 has them. Is it inconvenient? Well, one does not even really notice it, to be honest. Because we behave ourselves. The only person that would object is someone who would wish to do everyone harm. So the question comes up. Do metal detectors on the Temple Mount bother anyone? Not if you are a normal person. The throngs of violent protesters are upset because they want to do harm to others. Very simple.

So how does this equate to cannibals? Please understand that I don’t consider Palestinians to be cannibals. Most are normal peaceful people. But a significant percent has the mentality of a cannibal. They wish to eat their victims without any backlash from the civilized world, and resent the implication that they are doing anything wrong! What the world leaders actually do, however, is pay for, with your tax dollars, a nice new set of knives and forks, so they can go on doing what they do, but appear to be civilized in the process. Like the response to the movie theater incident, the victims are vilified instead.

No one should be condemning Israel for placing security devices in this very holy place. Reasonable people, Jews, Christians, and Muslims a like should welcome the safety improvements. The rioters are acting like the cannibals. And for them it’s another excuse to get away with killing others without consequence. For the so called civilized world that supports them with political ‘knives and forks’, they are no better than the callous public that put teddy bears on a terrorist’s grave.

That this behavior truly exists on our planet is horrific. That this line of warped thinking even exists is a nightmare.  It is truly a world turned upside down.

About the Author
Mitch is currently retired and an adjunct instructor at Western Iowa Technical Community College Sioux City Iowa USA.