Of Protests and Prayers

Its become a weekly scene – Saturday night protest against the prime minister. Once again this evening thousands, (or tens of thousands if you believe it) continue to protest against the Prime Minister wanting him to resign amid alleged corruption charges.

Let’s set aside the troubling phenomenon of attempting a change in government without an election. It seems that the rule of law is one-sided. It is acceptable in mob-rule to demand a duly elected prime minister to resign. The very same person is not permitted to claim his right to continue his legally allowed position. Furthermore, in mob-rule the loud voices of malcontents take precedence over election results, after all you would think that three elections should be sufficient to take down a corrupt prime minister.

Let’s just ignore this conundrum, let’s ignore the inherent danger of mob-rule to the concept of democracy, let’s ignore the ideal of one person one vote; it’s the age of mob-rule. We see it here and we see it in the US.

Let’s ignore all this.

Let’s focus on thousands, or tens of thousands in close proximity, many not really wearing masks, all ignoring the clear directions of the government

No masks, no distancing,

Do we need to tolerate this shameless state of affairs because people have a right to protest?

Is not the right to have a large gathering in synagogue also a democratic value? Yet that is trampled on because it is not important to the mob-rule.

Is not the right to a large wedding also a democratic value? Why is that trampled on?

Sorry, Charlie, it doesn’t cut the mustard anymore.

As the great poet said,

The lady doth protest too much, methinks!

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Aron Epstein is a certified public accountant. He made Aliyah with his family in 2009 from Cleveland, Ohio. Aside from an active business Aron enjoys outdoors sports, particularly skiing, although doesn't get enough time to do it.
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