Oh dear old bird

Oh dear old bird
Flying in the sky
In peace with G-d
Is where you are
Soon enough
I will join your flight
But before
Let me say good bye

Oh dear old bird
Before i go
Take me back home
That’s where i belong
Let me tell mom
I loved her much
Im sorry I’m not
Gonna be back home
Let me tell dad
I hope he is proud
I’m sorry i did not
Survive the war
I will give them both
One last hug
Oh dear old bird
I want to go home

This bullet in my chest
Doesn’t hurt anymore
The screams and shots
Are finally mute
Oh dear old bird
Please take me back home
Oh dear old bird
Who is flying above
Don’t take me to G-d
Please take me back home

About the Author
Abraham Benguigui was born on October 14, 1993 in Caracas, Venezuela. He was raised in the Jewish community and moved to the United States to get an undergraduate degree in Architectural Engineering, specializing in lighting.