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Olmert again!!

I have controlled myself for the past few months and each time I didn’t have the energy to write about what is happening in The Jerusalem Post.

However, what is that saying?  “the straw that broke the camel’s back” ?  How appropriate!!.

I think we’ve heard enough from this convicted felon.  Yaakov Katz please remove him.  You are reducing the value of the paper and you will lose readers and circulation if not advertising.

Why on earth would anyone pay him to write in the first place?  I think he wrote “bull***t over 5 (five) times.  That’s outrageous and offensive and downright not true.

The article is full of libellous lies.  I was at the opening of Ariel University Medical School two years ago (or three).  All the hospitals and medical personnel and health plans are doing a great job….and I have a choice.  I can get my health care in Miami with Medicare.  I wouldn’t dare!  We are blessed to be here and we are blessed to have a great health care system and great PM.

Yaakov, don’t use my monthly payment to pay Olmert, the felon, oh and by the way, was he even elected?  Didn’t he take over for Arik Sharon Z”L when he was his deputy?  It’s time to show Olmert the door or many of us will be exiting the subscriptions.

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