Olympic Family Fun

There are just two more sleeps until the XXX London 2012 Olympic Games begin. By then, the kids will have had finished their summer camps and the onus will be on us parents to scramble around to find activities to keep them busy.

It’s not textbook parenting to leave your kids in front of the TV all day long but when the Olympics are on – why not? You can actually use it as a means to educate them.

  • Art/Maths: Make a medal chart.
  • Writing: They write a journal about the events they loved watching and how it made them feel.
  • Geography: Teach them about countries they don’t know and where they are on the map. Teach them the origins of each country’s flag.
  • History: Explain the history behind the Games and what has occurred at them since the first Modern Olympiad in 1896.

Check out the London2012 Mascot page, it is full of craft ideas, videos, interactive games, and everything you wanted to know about Wenlock.


National Pride: Dig out the Independence Day decorations, dress your home in Blue and White, and Israeli Flags. Team Israel has 37 amazing athletes at the games!

I know you are thinking, what about some physical activity? Make your own backyard or park Olympic games! Get a few families together, divide into countries, and have some fun playing relay games, ball toss, high jump, long jump, Frisbee toss, and basketball. Make some medals (a great activity for the day before) for the winning team and delicious Olympic cupcakes for treats.

Here are some Olympic inspired crafts and activities for the whole family:

We look forward to you sharing your Olympic family fun with us.

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