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OMG Café 2018

You wouldn’t be blamed for thinking that there would be no way on earth OMG Summer Pop Up Café (aka MG Café II) could have reached the giddy heights of last year’s exquisite evening.  With its attention to color-coordinated décor detail, fast and efficient wait service and high-end delectable delights, what could possibly have been better the second time round?

Well it’s hard to compare two such high-end events and so I won’t even try.  Suffice it to say that both were equally wonderful.  This year absolutely did not disappoint either and seemed to go a few extra steps from last year.

First, there was the anticipation through the advertising to whet our appetites. Too bad for those suckers who didn’t book early enough though as by the time commercial was aired, the two sessions of the OMG Café were completely sold out!  Mind you, that’s what happens when you deal with high caliber restaurants.

And that shouldn’t have come as much as a surprise if you think about what had transpired last year and the positive reviews the café run by 5 awesome tweens had gotten.  Along with the Ginsberg and Miller families, one very special almost-eleven-year-old was selected to join the team this year: Golan Sass, who – and of course there is no bias here – was an immediate hit making a very good impression on both customers and co-workers alike.

The food again was remarkably delicious.  I chose the salad with a thousand island dressing and – for an extra shekel – a crouton topping. Honestly?  I can never be bothered to make salads myself and it was so fresh and varied that I gobbled it down within moments.  Of course I had to order the broccoli quiche again because last year was so yummy that I even asked for the recipe!  Have I made it myself though yet?  Not a chance. But who would even try to compete with the talented Talel?  Not me!

I thought I was done, but, on the waiter’s “high recommendation” I ordered the baked potato with cheese and scallions. I let my husband try it as well but that was a mistake as I never saw it again!

When the pizza came for our son he was so happy as “it’s not even so hot!” and he could eat it straight away! The pasta with tomato sauce was an extra order so we all sampled it but truthfully for most of the evening I was battling my husband for it, it was so good! That tomato sauce I must try to make during the year for “my kids”!

I found this year that there were two particularly nice touches again with the décor.  The jar holding the “silverware” had been painted to match the bottles of water on the table which had also been hand-painted.  And perhaps my favorite addition of all was the handmade candies that adorned the table; that not only added a burst of summer color but seemed to bring a whole lot of love to each diner privileged enough to find a spot at the OMG Café.

Yes, indeed, OMG….the Café did it again!

Here’s to next year!

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At 48 years old, Emma Sass is blessed to be the most content she has ever been.