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OMMM Bringing Inner Peace to Holocaust Survivors

Ernest Evans and
l-r Ernest Evans and Michel Pascal (Used with permission)

In a world plagued by division and strife, there are those who transcend boundaries, fostering unity, and spreading compassion. One such individual is Michel Pascal, the renowned meditation teacher and singer from OMMM. Pascal’s heartfelt devotion to peace and harmony, spreading goodwill and kindness has no limits. He is dedicated to seeing the world change into a place where stress and anxiety are reduced, and love and happiness are extolled; it’s more than just fashionable rhetoric. Michel Pascal puts his work into action. In a time when law enforcement and major watchdog groups warn us that antisemitism is on the rise, this kind and gentle soul rooted in Eastern philosophies and convictions has taken his work to someone who has experienced and survived what many would call Hell. Michel has been offering solace to Holocaust survivors and made himself a new and true friend. Pascal’s visits to Los Angeles Jewish Home, and his interactions with a man named Ernest Evans, have brought about inner peace and healing to someone who had endured unimaginable suffering.

Michel Pascal, with his serene presence and powerful voice, has become a beacon of light for Holocaust survivors. His deep appreciation for Jewish culture, combined with his spiritual wisdom, allows him to connect with the survivors on a profound level. Pascal’s dedication to sharing his gifts has become a source of comfort and hope, reminding the survivors that they are not alone in their journey toward healing.

Michel visits to The Jewish Home have become a cherished tradition for both the residents and for himself. The Jewish Home, a facility that provides care and support for Holocaust survivors, has warmly welcomed Pascal’s voice, his presence and the positive energy he brings. During his visits, he engages in various activities that promote spiritual well-being, including guided meditation, singing, and sharing stories of resilience.

l-r Michel Pascal, Gilda Evans, Maria Alphonse, and Ernest Evans in front (Used with permission)

One of the most profound ways Michel touches the lives of Holocaust survivors is through his music. His soulful voice resonates deeply with the survivors, reminding them of the strength and beauty that exists within their own spirits. Through carefully chosen melodies and heartfelt lyrics, he provides a soothing balm to the wounds of the past.

Among the many lives Michel has touched, Ernest Evans’ story stands out as a testament to the transformative power of music and compassion. Evans, an Auschwitz survivor with a traumatic past, had long struggled with inner turmoil and feelings of despair. However, through his encounters with Pascal, he found solace and a renewed sense of purpose.

Ernest and Michel formed a special bond, as the music transported Ernest back to a time when life was filled with joy and promise. Michel’s visits became a lifeline for Ernest, helping him navigate the difficult memories and find moments of inner peace. Through the power of music, Michel became a conduit for healing, enabling Ernest to embrace the present with newfound strength and resilience.

Michel’s dedication to bringing peace and solace to Holocaust survivors like Ernest extends far beyond their individual encounters. Through his visits to The L.A. Jewish Home, he has not only impacted the lives of those he directly interacts with but has also sparked a ripple effect of compassion and unity within the broader Jewish community.

By sharing the stories of his visits, Michel inspires others to contribute to the healing process. His example encourages individuals and organizations to extend a helping hand, fostering empathy and understanding. Through collective efforts, the wounds of the past can gradually be soothed, and the survivors can find comfort in knowing that their stories are acknowledged and honored. Ernest’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of music and compassion, as he found renewed strength and resilience through his encounters with Michel. The ripple effect of Michel’s efforts extends beyond individual lives, fostering unity and compassion within the broader Jewish community. Michel’s unwavering dedication reminds us all of the power of human connection and the healing potential of love and understanding.

Michel Pascal is now offering his unique style and support mechanism to a wider audience. On June 6, 2023, he will be headlining a concert at Carnegie Hall, offering hope and inspiration to those who want and need it. His organization, OMMM, is offering a lot of complimentary tickets by request, and can be obtained at

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