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By the Grace of G-d

On that very day

Even as many protest against the Jewish people, Israel is determined to carry on and wipe out Hamas.

When Abraham was commanded to circumcise himself and all the males in his household, the Torah says that he did so “on that very day.” The commentary Rashi writes, that Abraham wasn’t afraid of protesters who threatened, that if they see him trying to circumcise, they will stop him. He fulfilled G-d’s commandment on that very day, as soon as he was commanded.

Elsewhere Rashi writes, that the expression ‘on that very day’ is used three times in the Torah: When Noah brought the animals to the ark, when G-d took Israel out of Egypt, and when Moses passed away. And Rashi explains, that protesters said, “If we witness Noah loading the ark, we will break the ark.” “If we see the Jews leaving Egypt, we will stop them.” “If we witness Moses about to pass away, we (the Jewish people) will stop it.” And in each case, G-d said, “It will be done on this very day, and let anyone who wants to stop it, try to stop it.”

But there was a fourth instance, when Abraham circumcised ‘on that very day.’ So why didn’t Rashi include it with the other three?

Perhaps we can answer, that the other three times describe G-d’s action. Regarding Noah, the Torah states that G-d closed the ark (to protect Noah from the protesters). So the final act regarding the ark, was done by G-d. Similarly G-d took the Jews out of Egypt, and G-d took Moses.

But in the case of Abraham, he (Abraham) did the deed. G-d protected him, but Abraham did it. And in doing so, Abraham opened the door and showed the way for his descendants, to not fear protesters, and to promptly, ‘on that very day,’ follow G-d’s command.

Israel’s soldiers are now fulfilling the Mitzvah (G-d’s command) to protect Jewish lives. And they are not afraid of terrorists, protesters and antisemites who threaten to stop them, even if it takes numerous ‘these very days’ to complete the mission.

“They rely on chariots and horses, but we call out in the name of our G-d. They bow down and fall, and we stand strong. G-d saves, the King answers us on the very day that we call.” (Psalms 20)

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