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One in three ‘Russians’ wants to see Bibi in jail

One in three ‘Russians’ wants to see Bibi in jail

A third of respondents to the “Details” poll believe that Benjamin Netanyahu’s place is behind bars. Another 52% think that his retirement from political life should be enough.

The poll was conducted by the “Details” portal on its Telegram channel. 6766 votes were cast, with the possibility of choosing only one answer to each question. In order to avoid unanimity among the participants, the links to participate in the poll were distributed on a number of other TG channels.

In response to the question “Where would you like to see Benjamin Netanyahu in 2024?” – the answers were as follows

52% – in retirement
33% – in prison
9% – as prime minister
3% – in the governing coalition
3% – in the parliamentary opposition

Although polls of this kind are not representative, these data correlate with other surveys. The 12% of votes cast in favour of Netanyahu remaining in power corresponds to about 15 mandates, while opinion polls give the Likud 17 mandates in December 2023. And in a poll conducted by Camil Fuchs and presented by Channel 13 TV, 72% of respondents are in favour of his resignation (31% believe Netanyahu should resign immediately, 41% believe he should resign after the war).

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