Jesse Bogner

One Last Plea for Clinton from a Liberal with Many Conservative Leanings

Last week I wrote an article on how Trump is manipulating the public by convincing them the media is lying to them. What this allows Trump to do is make outrageous claims that have no bearing in reality. Then the Internet becomes this hazy place where assertions devoid of evidence and conspiracy theories convince relatively smart people that Trump is honest and cares about the middle class, while Hillary is some sort of Illuminati elite who purposely destabilizes the Middle East for personal gain.

On my Facebook page this point was proven with a flurry of negative, though about half positive responses. Some of my favorites are “FUN watching lamestream media desperately try to spin. #SpiritCooking. Next they’ll spin Chelsea’s inverted cross. (She wants to be evil just like Mommy),” as if I, as a blogger who has never been employed by the media, am a lamestream media consultant. Others that I found clever from my adversaries were, “Lol what misinformation are you referring to exactly? The entire Democratic Party is just a organized crime cartel that trump wants to lock up! GO TRUMP!”

My mother who disagrees with me, but is proud of me for sharing my opinion, cheering on Trump with the rallying cry, “Drain the swamp!” and another stranger letting on, “You can’t fix stupid.” Since my work seems to be a bitter source of division, I want to make very clear where I stand on this issue, especially since I have had to go against the grain of my spiritual teacher, Michael Laitman, who I believe is the wisest man in the world. Also in retrospect, I think it was a bit long and rambling.

There are very clear reasons not to support Hillary Clinton. She, like Obama, George Bushes, Reagan, Clinton and for all I know all of the presidents who were in power before I was born an establishment candidate. As a politician who depends on the financial support of corporations that include big banks, the military industrial complex, morally reprehensible lobbies (from things like oil companies, Monsanto, cigarette companies, gun activists) and the drug companies that gauge the American people, making Obamacare in the words of Trump (though better than before for many consumers), an absolute disaster. This is where the pay for play scandal comes in. She also has no respect for privacy, has not mentioned Guantanamo and very much like Obama treats whistleblowers that I believe are advocates of free speech like traitors to America. On the other hand, Trump called for Snowden’s execution, before seeming to have no problem with whistleblowers when they try and swing the election in his favor.

Though on most social issues I am very liberal, there are things I am to the right of the Pope on (I never expected Francis would make that phrase irrelevant). I do not think it is smart to bring in Syrian refugees with the exception of women, children and the elderly. I am disgusted by the neo-liberal calling card of political correctness and forced multiculturalism that has made the generation a few years younger than mine weak, entitled and more interested in culture that promotes safe ideology than asks pressing questions and values artistic merit, that like fascism create witch hunts when people express contrarian opinions. I also believe the media and our school curricula promote this politically correct group think ideology that limits free thought, tries to convince us there is no biological difference between men and women and that Israel is more oppressive than the radical strain of Muslim ideology that has infected at least 100 million people.

In spite of this, I not only respect Hillary, but believe she will be the candidate who fights for the people that support Trump, the struggling middle class that has been conned into thinking trade tariffs, lowered taxes for the rich, lowered taxes and less regulations for corporations will improve the economy and income inequality. Her decisions within the admittedly corrupt and fucked up system are done in the interest of the majority of Americans, not just corporations and the top 1%. Trump’s economic plan to lift restrictions and lower taxes for the very rich and corporations is something that Republicans have claimed will help everyone for 40 years, but has proven to do the exact opposite. I will lay off my disgust for his misrepresentation of truth and blatant disregard for everyone but himself and the people who kiss his ass. Still, I would remind you he will be appointing two, likely three or four supreme court justices who could very well repeal Roe v. Wade, marriage equality, continue the repealed limit on individual donations to campaigns (the catalyst of corporations running Washington). Thankfully (if Hillary is elected), a liberal court has a good chance of limiting the proliferation of guns people have no business owning, repealing the death penalty and ensuring transgender people are afforded the same rights as other citizens.

Another topic many people brought up in my circles is Israel. As a supporter of Israel, who has lived there for over three years, I have no reservations voting for Clinton. She has explained time and again, her nuanced position on the subject. Unlike Obama who seems to be working from the point of view that Israel is acting in violation of international law, in spite of the fact the settlements in Israel are necessary for Israeli security. Israel’s other supposed violation of international law of bombing populated areas I believe is invalidated by the fact that Hamas fires from populated areas and warns the Palestinian citizens before these areas are hit. Never mind the fact that Israel goes above and beyond to fly the wounded to first rate hospitals and treat them free of charge, as well as provide free electricity and running water to their enemies. The biggest voices in Israeli politics with the exception of the fanatically right-winged Naftali Bennett (Netanyahu, Herzog, Livni, Liberman, the deceased Peres) all have tremendous respect for her.

In spite of my teacher’s belief that Clinton will continue Obama’s policies in Israel, I don’t buy it. Just as I disagreed with him on Brexit, which the UK is fighting for their life to overturn (because of irreparable economic devastation), I disagree that Trump is the man capable of disempowering the political establishment. If you don’t care about America doing well and want Trump to get elected so he will put America in a crisis mode that will require new solutions from both parties, I think that is a reasonable reason to vote for Trump, which is the point of view of Slavoj Žižek and Julian Assange, both of whom I have tremendous respect for. I don’t think it will work, but I understand the logic.

I’m just sickened by all the lies and misrepresentations Trump is manipulating people with. If you think Trump is going to help the middle class, defeat Isis quickly, resolve the crises in Syria and Libya (problems admittedly Saudis that have a good relationship with Hillary helped instigate, though I think its a serious stretch in logic to say they buy her support) and solve problems of division in America you will be disappointed. However, it’s fine if we disagree. I don’t think politics will ever solve the inherent problems in the world, which are the result of our egoism. Trump is not to blame for this. We are.

If the American public had any interest in staying informed and making rational choices, the likely scenario of a Trump presidency would not be staring at us in the face. Just to make the crux of my argument clear, I will put it here in bold. Hillary Clinton is not a saint. She has participated in a corrupt system in a Machiavellian way, but the reasoning for this beyond just a thirst for power is to make life better for those who suffer and the majority of Americans. Sometimes this forces her to make decisions that are difficult to justify and sometimes she is wrong, but unlike Trump who virtually all experts predict will cause chaos if his policies are enacted, she is a stabilizing force.

About the Author
Jesse Bogner is an author and journalist. His memoir and social critique, The Egotist, has been translated into five languages. His work has been featured in The Daily Caller, MSN, The Daily Wire and The Huffington Post. His book of articles, Tikkunim (Corrections), was released in January 2018.