One Nation, One People; Learning From Our Youth

The One Nation of One People conference took place in Jerusalem on Wednesday evening, starting at 20:00.  It featured a good blend of politicians, community leaders, and Rabbis.  One of the key speakers was Tzipi Hotovely from the ruling Likud party.  Her speech was well received by the thousands in attendance, leading to a standing ovation when she declared firmly that in her vision, there will only ever be one state west of the Jordan river, the state of Israel, the state of the Jews.

To the surprise of the crowd, the leader of the Bayit Yehudi, Naftali Bennet, who arrived fashionably late, delivered a fiery speech that was much more well received than the mixed reactions to his entrance.

There was something different about this conference however, and it was not merely the fact that the right-wing finally managed to put together an event that was well attended; not to mention on short notice.

Among the crowd were hundreds of young people from across the country, the majority of whom wore Kippah and Tzitzit.  With all the fear mongering coming from the left about demographics, one thing is clear, the next generation of right-wing voters is significant, and definitely outnumbers the current generation.   There are two other important factors that can be gleaned from the demographics of the attendees, and a two-minute incident that set the entire hall on fire.

While the left-wing are excellent and putting together numbers, rallying the troops on short notice, one will never see such a large representation of youth.  It seems that the children of the ‘right’ are more politically aware, and involved than their left-wing counterparts.  Children as young as 11 are able to succinctly repeat the words of our narrative with conviction, and with understanding.  They care about the land, about their people, and not just about what their parents say at the dinner table.  Their desire for a better, peaceful future, in which the Jewish people are a strong people showing strength over all of their own land, is genuine.

Towards the end of the event, when Aharon Razel took the stage for his closing performance of the night, a large group of at least 100 youth crowded the front of the stage to take in the sounds.  A few of them decided to climb onto the stage to show off their somewhat absent dancing skills but they were to be ordered off by security and event organizers.  Seemingly the rest of the group didn’t appreciate this and as many as 300 youth stormed the stage.  This was not what you would think, it was not typical group of 300 youth, they were not there to cause trouble; anything but.  Indeed security gave in to the demands of the majority.  Razel finished his set with hundreds of right-wing youth crowding him, singing along into the microphones, and dancing.  Many of them had their eyes close and looked up to the sky, as if praying that the words of those MKs who had spoken just prior would penetrate their way to heaven through the help of the music.

This incident surely gave all the adults in the room goose bumps.  It definitely made me come to a startling realization.  As much as the left-wing is able to pull together numbers, and put on relatively large events, compared to this…they have no ‘soul’.  And indeed the left-wing platform, whilst it may have a lot of things is devoid of the soul necessary to garner a majority to support it.

In politics it has been proven time and again, throughout history and the world over, that political mobilization based on religious lines is far more effective than based on ideals or political ideology.  The former has always eventually won out against the latter.   Ever more effective however is political mobilization based on ethnic lines, a power so great that it will always eventually win out against even religious mobilization. On a stage full of singing, dancing, and praying youth in their hundreds, Ashkenazim, Sephardim, Ethiopians, and Yemenites were interwoven.

One Nation, of One People!

While the left makes its last ditch efforts to push the demographic time bomb myth, more and more experts are coming out against it.  Suggestions that the threat of the same has passed, or even been reversed, are more and more prevalent and accepted.  The government should take note now that the next generation of voters is overwhelmingly against a two-state solution.  That the demographic time bomb, no longer being and issue, removes at least 50% of the argument in favour of the road to national suicide.

The right-wing has finally been able to put together a significant showing of unity and strength ahead of the Likud Central Committee meeting.  May the enormous energy of our youth give the party the strength it needs to fight against the Bibi-Livni push for the handing over of our mother land.  For without Hevron, and Shilo, and Beit-El, what claim does a Jewish people have to a Tel-Aviv, Ashdod, or Eilat.

See Video: Nationalist youth swarm the stage

About the Author
Michael Wolfowicz holds a BA in Security, Terrorism, and Counter-Terrorism. He currently is completing a double MA in International Security Studies, with a MA in Policing, Intelligence, and Counter-Terrorism (with a specialization in Counter-Terrorism). He has been working in various roles in private security, investigations and intelligence for 9 years.