OneFamily and the Ofer* Family

*To preserve their privacy, I am using pseudonyms for all members of the family.

Ronit Ofer was enjoying a cup of coffee and good conversation one fall day about a decade ago, when a suicide bomber blew up the crowded cafe in Jerusalem where she was sitting. Ronit sustained serious shrapnel injuries throughout her body. Doctors were unable to remove all of the shrapnel, so Ronit suffers from severe headaches, ear and dental problems, as well as PTSD and bouts of depression to this day.

The physical and emotional injuries from the attack, as well as the financial difficulties that resulted, have affected the entire Ofer family: Ronit and her husband Yosef, and their two children, Amit and Tal (now aged 12 and 18 respectively). OneFamily is helping them all.

“I have been part of OneFamily for almost all of my life,” says Amit. “They have been there for our family every step of the way, with so much love. A volunteer visits me once a week and I go with my parents to holiday events at the OneFamily center.”

OneFamily helps Ronit and her family with psychological counseling, personal outreach to the children, medical support, social welfare, and legal advice. OneFamily also helps with food vouchers for the High Holidays and Passover. Yosef and Ronit participate in a therapeutic group that goes on outings with other wounded couples who experienced the same trauma they have endured. In short, OneFamily supports Ronit’s efforts to recover from her various physical and emotional challenges in many different ways.

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