Only a Strong, Zionist Jew Will Deter Our Enemies

“We know only too well that war comes not when the forces of freedom are strong, it is when they are weak that tyrants are tempted” said Ronald Reagan at his acceptance of the republican nomination for President on July 17, 1980.

This past weekend, the radical right murdered a Jewish women at a synagogue, shooting many others inducing kids only for being Jewish. The radical left that bullies Jews at our educational institutions and in the media, published a cartoon in the New York Times that could make any Nazi propagandist proud.

While one side is trying to murder our bodies and our souls, the other side is trying to murder our confidence and our identity. This is not something that started yesterday, but a process that began the moment the Jewish people turned into a nation.

What is our responsibility? It’s fighting our hardest fight. We must be proud of our Judaism. We cannot afford to hide it nor not talk about it in the hopes to be liked, because what would an anti-Semite be afraid of? A weak Jew that hides his identity so that the anti-Semitic attacker can go on a hunt? Or a strong Jew that can answer back twice as hard, that has power and is not afraid of racist bigots? A Jew that empowers his community, and by that, also empowers others?

We must also be proud of the state of Israel, because a strong Jewish state makes us stronger. Similarly to the Jewish identity, we cannot hide or not talk in support of Israel in the hopes to be liked, because what are the anti-Israel voices afraid of? A weak Zionist community that they can go and destroy? Or a proud Zionist community that no war has stopped and no terrorist has slowed down? A Zionist that is proud in Israel – the Jewish state. A Zionist that can carry both the Israeli and the American flag. A Zionist that loves the country he or she lives in, just as much as the only Jewish country in the world.

When challenging times show up and when our enemies dare to pick their heads up, only a version of a strong Jew, a Zionist Jew, will be able to deter these enemies.

Stop hiding our identity. Wear the Jewish star proudly on your necks. Stop hiding our passion towards the Jewish home. Unfold, carry and wave the Israeli flag.

When they hit us or strike us, just standing up is not enough. It is standing up with pride, clear eyes and passion that will do. Am Israel still and forever Chai!

About the Author
Ilan Sinelnikov is the Founder and President of the national Students Supporting Israel movement.
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