Only Obama could make me want Bibi

Let me get right to the punchline: I am voting for Bibi in the upcoming election.

Now for the commentary: I am not a big Bibi fan. I used to be a bigger fan, but I have discovered that there is what I would call an action gap: big talk, little follow through.

I have still not forgiven Bibi for his incredibly bone-headed public embrace of the so-called two state solution. I still am scratching my head over the protracted “boy crying wolf” threats to stop Iran that went exactly nowhere.

I am still in disbelief at our craven desire for ceasefires during Operation Protective Edge that resulted in a large percentage of Israeli losses during that war.

And yet, I have come to realize that each of these sins has a common thread: they were either caused or exacerbated by enormous pressure coming from the Obama Administration, specifically the President himself.

As time goes by, and the contours of Obama’s foreign policy become more discernible (if not more understandable), what emerges is his consistent animosity to Bibi and to Israel itself. This is likely related to Israel’s being the party pooper at the lovefest Obama has been trying to stage with Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Bibi has been a consistent naysayer in the Administration’s infatuation with the idea that Iran can be brought into the realm of nuanced, reasonable and stable State actors. Obama has adopted a see/hear/speak no evil approach to Iranian terror in the region, genocidal threats to Israel and unapologetically hateful speech directed at the US itself.

Israel’s clarity about taking Iran at face value has gone down poorly at the White House, where wishful thinking has replaced shrewd interest-based policy making.

Not surprisingly therefore, Obama is widely reputed to be actively trying to engineer Bibi’s defeat, figuring that he will have vastly better luck with the all too pliable Livni, who pretty much can finish Obama’s sentences.

So there it is. Time to hold one’s nose and keep Livni far away from the levers of power, and yes, time to say to Obama, hey, Bibi will still be in office long after you’re gone.

The more I see what is going down in Washington, the more I believe that denying Obama the satisfaction of deposing Bibi is an important goal.

Whatever Bibi fatigue I might have suffered from has been cured by the President of the United States.


About the Author
After a successful money management career in NYC, Doug Altabef made aliyah to Rosh Pina with his wife Linda and their youngest of four kids in 2009. As a money manager, Doug was a frequent guest commentator on Bloomberg TV, CNNfn TV as well as Wall Street Radio, which was syndicated out to dozens of radio stations throughout the US. Today he spends his time serving as Chairman of the Board of Im Tirtzu and a Director of the Israel Independence Fund, where he has been privileged to get some amazing insights into how people are making a difference here. Doug also has invested in several early stage Israeli companies and is a big believer in the Start Up Nation attractiveness of Israeli technology.