Open Letter to Aryeh Deri

Dear Excellency,

Even with the commonly accepted sclerosis by which the bureaucracy moves, the case of Ariel Lekaditis brings unusual consternation to a casual observer.

The story of this brave 30-something Greek-Jew has captured the imagination of people on three continents, recently being featured in a bilingual West Palm Beach, FL weekly.

It begins with the realization that he comes from a Jewish ancestor; becoming convinced that he must reclaim his Jewish roots and patrimony by moving to Israel; proceed with the rigorous ritual of Orthodox conversion, and enrolling in the Holocaust Studies program of Haifa University.

Finally, and upon deep reflection, he has decided to take the ultimate step, urged upon by the Founder Premier of Israel David Ben-Gurion!

All this is amply detailed in the archives of the your office, including:
Ishur Yahadut from Athens and the Rabbinate of Israel, the latter, under the signature of the State’s Chief Rabbi. Further, the applicant’s Aunt Esther Asis has lived in Israel since 1949, and can be located at Kiriat Bialik, Haifa.

You must surely know of the applicant-for-residency anxiety, and keen disappointment that all required steps to legalize his status in Israel have been taken, without the modicum in alacrity from official sources. At a time when our Jewish State is besieged, yet again, it behooves us all to be supportive of fellow Jews who so enthusiastically wish to make common cause with our brethren in the Holy Land. Ariel devoutly wishes to establish himself professionally and personally in Eretz Yisrael, eventually marry and raise a Jewish family. You are entreated to expedite this matter, that, in truth, should have been resolved months ago.

Sincerely, and with fraternal affection,


About the Author
Ariel Lekaditis was born in Athens. He has graduated from University of Haifa on Holocaust Studies and he is volunteer on Yad Vashem. He focuses on antisemitism topics particularly in Greece.He is online activist against antisemitism and antizionism.
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