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Open Letter to Kelly-Jo Bluen, South African Jew

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You are such an activist. 

You are such a “shtetl femme”.

You stand up for the rights of the LGBTQ community. 

You stand up for the rights of the underdog.

You stand up against genocide and crimes against humanity. 

But have you stopped and considered the plight of the Palestinian LGBTQ community? Have you met any of the Palestinian homosexuals who fled to Israel for shelter?

And what about the Palestinian women and children who are used as human shields? Where weapons and ammunition have more value than a human life?

Or the hospitals and schools where shelters have been converted into armories?

You need to WAKE UP and GROW UP! 

You need to verify your information before you start spewing nonsense as fact. 

You need to understand that HAMAS murdered Jewish Israeli’s who were fighting for the Palestinian cause…….. Yes you heard that right! Women that were working tirelessly to ensure that Palestinians from Gaza could come into Israel to receive life saving medical attention…..working tirelessly on building relations between the citizens of Israel and the citizens of Gaza……….. were tortured, raped, murdered and beheaded in the most cruel, violent and brutal way.*

So next time you intend to stand up as an anti-Zionist Jew for Palestine, maybe take a deep breath and reconsider. Think about what you are so vocally supporting. Think about the women that were so badly gang-raped their bones were broken. Think about the babies who were beheaded so that when Hatzalah came, they did not know which head belonged to which baby. Think about the babies burnt alive in kitchen ovens. Think about how those terrorists ripped open the stomach of a pregnant woman, and killed her unborn baby while her sons were forced to watch. **

This is not a fight for freedom. 

This is genocide. The very genocide you so eloquently appose. 

This was the callous mass murder of INNOCENT PEOPLE. 

In Nazi Germany anyone with any trace of Jewish blood was a Jew, was a target. And in 2023, a Jew is a Jew no matter how liberal and all accepting you try to be, no matter how much of your identity and heritage you are willing to keep small and hide, no matter how much of your generational values you compromise…… you are still a Jew. 

And according to Hamas, the only good Jew is a dead Jew. 

And that my dear, includes you.



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Martine Alperstein made aliyah from Cape Town, South Africa 26 years ago.
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