Open letter to Ms. Frederica Mogherini of the EU

Dear Ms. Mogherini,

At your recent meeting with Mahmoud Abbas you stated that the de-unification of Jerusalem would be the removal of a major stumbling block on the road to a lasting peace between Arab’s and Jews in Israel. Your actual words as reported were The status of Jerusalem is a sensitive issue that has blocked peace efforts for decades”.

The above statement illustrates your complete lack of knowledge regarding the Israel / Arab conflict and its long and bloody battle. I would go further to say that the whole of the EU executive show a similar ignorance whilst calling for recognition of a Palestinian State thinking that this could have any benefit to the region as a whole. The EU mirrors the UN in continuing to debate the so called ‘plight’ of the Palestinians and yet at the same time ignoring many other peoples calls for a state of their own or the return of their sovereign land or just fighting for their human rights.

An example of the foolishness of your comment would be to say split Barcelona so that the Catalans may have a capital or partitioning Vitoria-Gasteiz so the same can happen for the Basque’s! I ask you, what would the EU look like with Spain and France split apart, or don’t you have an interest in the claims of Catalans or Basques peoples?

Of course many other people consider they have the right to their own state, their own self-determination, their own cultures and traditions, the right to nation build, to take their seat at the United Nations, and to be a Nation in their own right. The question we need to ask ourselves is does the E.U. reward those who shout the loudest, those who kill the most, those who have been offered peace and as such a Nation many times in the last 50+ years and every time have said no? Why should the E.U. actually debate the rights of Palestinian Arabs when Palestinian Arabs have little or no rights in the lands of their fellow Arabs? And why have the Palestinians who have a population of around 11 million got more right to their own state over say the 35 million Kurds or 77 million Tamil’s or the 60 million Sindhi or the 8 million Taters and 6 million Tibetans, I could go on and on. Why are these people’s rights to a state of their own not being debated in the E.U. or why haven’t YOU said anything about them? Is it because in the main, they haven’t gone about highlighting their claims with a catalogue of terror attacks across the World against those they consider to be ‘occupying’ their land?

What message your comments really sends out to those people without a state is simply this, whatever you do, don’t ever accept any offer of statehood unless those that are giving it are to be made as stateless as you are now? Don’t challenge the World decision makes and their policies through words, challenge with the trigger of a gun or a mortar rocket or a terror attack! In this way eventually you are guaranteed to be rewarded with a seat at the table of Nations.

Of course one would desire to see peace in every hostile situation, especially those that have been like a weeping sore for so many years. How ever peace or even quiet is eventually achieved giving recognition to Palestinians who within their own charter don’t even recognize the legitimate rights of Israel to exist as the Jewish homeland, who even now plan terror attacks against those they intend to negotiate a peace with and even murder their own political opponents to remain in power is a complete and utter mistake. Would the British Parliament have ever entered into peace talks with the IRA before the IRA had announced an end to the violent struggle and de-commissioned their weapons? Without the bravery of the IRA to give up its weapons and denounce violence the Northern Ireland Good Friday agreement would never of happened. The British Government would never have entertained discussions and agreements with IRA terrorists until they gave up their weapons, why then should Israel negotiate with those who still plan for their destructions through violence? In the end the recognition of the State of Palestine is rewarding terror and violence before those terrorist have renounced it. What a brilliant reward for the hand of terror.

So taking the above into consideration I write to ask for further clarification on how the EU would propose the partition of Jerusalem to form the capital city of both Israel and a proposed Palestinian state and how this will finally persuade Abbas to commit to peace? Or was your statement just another political sound-bite (with zero plan as to how to make this happen) aimed at drawing attention to your new role?

I await your reply with interest.

About the Author
Howard Klineberg is an English Jew who has always been passionately supporting Israel. At just 16 years of age his late father prevented him going on tour to Israel as he knew Howard probably wouldn't have returned to the UK. Howard is a member of the Leeds Lobby Network who work on numerous campaigns supporting Israel, recently Howard was instrumental in persuading his local member of the UK Parliament to resign from his party's friends of Palestine group.