Open letter to Roger Waters

Dear Mr. Waters

You certainly don’t disguise your unrelenting loathing of Israel. You are extremely vocal when it comes to criticizing Israel and how Israel fights defending its citizens and of course you are fully entitled to your opinion, it’s a free world, well it’s a free Western World.

The problem I have with you Roger is that everything you utter on this subject is negative towards Israel and positive towards Palestinians. Somehow you always fail to see that every conflict has two sides and this failure is one of the reasons why there is an epidemic of racial and religious violence currently sweeping the Middle East.

Of course it would be easy to point out to you the many errors and untruths in your articles and news conferences when you lambast Israel however you would probably only see this as some sort of Zionist propaganda? The purpose of this letter to you is to see if you can see the sense and good judgment in changing tack whilst not giving up on your support for Palestinian Arabs in Gaza and the West Bank.

A person of fame who chooses to give an opinion on any conflict must understand that you get far greater media coverage than say an ordinary member of the public or even experts in their field. As such it is terribly irresponsible for you to voice opinions that are simply inflaming the situation. When those utterings contain untruths and a skewered view this is worse, it’s immature.

So Roger I challenge you to use your fame to champion peace. Are you able to do that? Are you able to see that if you championed peace you could go a long way to making the Palestinians understand that for peace you need compromise? You need to help them understand that when Arafat was offered 98% of his demands rather than answer with Intifada he should of said yes. Palestinians would today have been enjoying 14 years of peace and prosperity, Hamas wouldn’t need to murder members of the Palestinian Authority to maintain power or fire rockets or builds terror tunnels. Gaza would have a seaport and an airport and an open border because there wouldn’t have been any suicide bombers sent to Israel.

Roger, how are you going to use your fame to achieve the above? Well maybe an idea would be a concert for peace, you know something along the lines of Live Aid, is that something within your capabilities? Let’s face if Sir Bob (whose Boom Town Rats had a far lower profile than Pink Floyd) managed it then surely you can. Bob used his fame to make positive change. Now that’s a lesson you could well learn from. A start would be to change your lyrics to ‘We all need an education’

Kind regards



About the Author
Howard Klineberg is an English Jew who has always been passionately supporting Israel. At just 16 years of age his late father prevented him going on tour to Israel as he knew Howard probably wouldn't have returned to the UK. Howard is a member of the Leeds Lobby Network who work on numerous campaigns supporting Israel, recently Howard was instrumental in persuading his local member of the UK Parliament to resign from his party's friends of Palestine group.