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Open letter to the Chinese ambassador

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Sir (if at all),

When I think about China, I still see the images of Tiananmen Square and how you victimized your own people in such a cruel and vile manner.

By your actions, you show the world that China is a shabby go-getter, an unreliable partner in any venture. Yet, we see China everywhere; from cheap one-way products to cheap talks with terrorists.

China strives hard to be a leader, but it has the mindset of a dump hole – because that is what China is. You look at its embassy’s website in Israel, there are emails for everything, except in relation to political matters (a letter by post is required in this day and age). By the very China that is now dating bankrupt Lebanon and envisaging Syria.

While stealing intellectual property to manufacture cheap items was already horrendous, China’s now desired place in the international arena is impossible to be described.

As China sends millions of Muslims to concentration camps, Uighurs with no right to a trial, as China forces intrauterine devices, sterilization and even abortion within Uighurs, the same China also speaks through its evil leader Xi Jinping with Abu Mazen (or Mahmoud Abbas), a well-known terrorist and financier of the Munich massacre.

This is the same China that occupies Tibet and does so for so many years in a manner that is brutal and unjustified by any protective or military considerations. The same China that has turned Tibetans into a minority in their own land.

Ambassador, do you realize that you are persona non grata in the opinion of many of us? Do you see that your country is perceived as hell at best? Why do you think your country’s star state company lost 5G rights in England, for example? And please explain to me in simple words. What does China want? Is China happy to be associated with terrorism? Why is China sending some of its people to concentration camps? Does China kill those who propose free speech?

It all makes one assume that China can never be trusted, but please prove me otherwise.

Yours sincerely,

Aharon Gottlieb

About the Author
Aharon Gottlieb is a lawyer by profession, who has also learned Psychology. He has a special interest in the interwoven areas of national and international security, intelligence, defense and foreign policy. He writes about life in Israel and current events that are relevant to Israel and the Jewish people. In early 2018, Aharon immigrated to Israel, which has added further meaning to his life.