Open Your Eyes and See the Enemy

The image of a “Wandering Jew” is to us American Jews a distant memory. In our minds, we may picture an early 20th century Jew with tattered clothing and a tired family behind him looking for a place to spend the night after being fired for not showing up to work on Shabbat. Or perhaps the words “Wandering Jew” may prompt us to think of refugees of war that miraculously escaped war-torn Europe, only to find themselves in another hate-filled land, perhaps even their own homeland, occupied by the enemy.

Our comfortable lives as American Jews in the post-’48, modern Israel world give us a sense of security and invincibility that is all too dangerous. We must realize that American Jewry is in inherent danger in 2019. We are not safe in this country that vows to protect its people’s rights to freedom and equality.

The American people have elected to congress a woman of Palestinian descent who opposes Jewish sovereignty in the land of Israel. A staunch supporter of the BDS (boycott, divestment, sanctions) movement, Rashida Tlaib wants to end U.S. aid to  Israel and openly opposes a two-state solution, a peace plan that could potentially satisfy both Palestinian and Jewish priorities.

Anti-Semitism doesn’t manifest in an abrupt manner. It doesn’t appear one day and swear to annihilate a nation’s Jewry. It creeps around in the subtleties of political agendas and only appears in controlled doses when it can get away with what it set out to achieve. Anti-Semitic agenda continues to ramify throughout the political community and is found most potently in the ideologies of the alt-left.

When the Nazis came to power in 1933, was the Final Solution an evident ultimate outcome of having the fascist party elected? Or was it rather a subtle undertone in the eyes of the ultra-Nationalists?

The murder of six million Jews at the hands of a political power did not happen overnight. In the United States in 2019, we can not definitively point to genocidal agendas in Congress. But we can indeed see full-well the seedlings of sheer anti-Semitic hostility and apathy taking root and developing in a steady manner in our country.

Rashida Tlaib is a well-known voice in our government and she is trying to remove us from the map. She holds up a sign with vows to annihilate us, then hides it behind her back and plays the “Islamophobia” card when confronted with criticism.

Her ancestors did not “give up their land” for the sake of Jewish refuge. They waged war against an already broken people. She uses the Holocaust as a political tool to frame Jews and victimize Palestinian Muslims in pre-’48 Palestine. Our nation’s bloody past is being used against us.

If we can’t walk down the street with a kippa on our heads without that looming feeling of danger that we might get SHOT outside of a synagogue, then we have a national security crisis. “Affirmative action” to support Muslim minorities should not come at the expense of Jewish security. We support peace and equality for all. The Liberals of today are ignoring one minority group that has been left out to dry and rot. Why are those who preach equality neglecting Jews and attacking our homeland?

Open your eyes. Tlaib is coming at us with a knife behind her back. She is the enemy. She steps slowly and with tact. But do not be deceived. She wants us out. We are not safe, not even in the Free World.

The alarm clock is ringing, it’s time to get up. Do not press snooze. It’s time to get up. We must not repeat the mistakes of our past. History is bound to repeat itself, lest we rise up and stop it on our own. Our government has failed to keep us safe. It’s up to us. It always has been, and always will.

About the Author
Jeremy Bassali is a Yeshiva student in the New York region. He is currently participating in the Write on for Israel program and is involved in pro-Israel advocacy at school and in the local community.