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Operation Shield and Arrow – What Did and Did Not Happen

A five-day military operation against Islamic Jihad in Gaza has ended, as a ceasefire has been brokered by Egypt.

This was a military operation that dragged on and the ceasefire is only for the short term, it will not last.

The war started after a Palestinian prisoner on a hunger strike died, leading to a barrage of rockets fired from Gaza towards Israeli territory.  Consequently, leading to a military operation against the Islamic Jihad in Gaza.

Here is a brief summary of what did and did not happen.

Firstly, here is what did happen. 1,234 rockets fired from Gaza towards Israel – this is what did happen.

There was also a chain of events that lead to a military operation.  An event happens and this leads to a barrage of rockets fired towards Israel from Gaza.  This is nothing new and has happened before.

Here is what did not happen.  The absence of Hamas was noticeable and significant, even though there were doubts of whether Hamas would get involved but in the end they did not.

In the midst of this there was a rock concert by Aviv Geffen in Tel Aviv.  You can see rockets being intercepted in the sky in the background.  How this performance was approved and allowed to happen is beyond comprehension.  Luckily nothing happened and nobody was hurt.

As they say – the show must go on, no matter what!

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Working in the hospitality/travel industry in Israel. Am into spirituality and go to lectures/classes on Jewish mysticism.
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