Farid Ghadry

Our allies need us

Since the founding of Saudi Arabia in 1930 and Israel in 1947, the United States of America has been a staunch ally for both countries as well as the other five GCC nations the US deems strategically important for its economy and geo-political interests. Up until 2008, when asinine Americans elected Barack Obama, our allies could always rely on the fact the United States will protect them because in doing so, the US is protecting its own self interests.

It is notable to mention that since forging these alliances with our allies in the Middle East, America has experienced a golden era of supreme economic prosperity and power. The US sacrificed much to become the most powerful economy and nation on the world stage while fighting evil everywhere. For anyone to think that back dialing on our responsibilities towards our own interests and our allies will somehow achieve more abundance for the American people is as preposterous an argument as anyone can make. History has showed us that when America leads globally, America is strong domestically.

Mind you, the relationships with our loyal allies have been, throughout the years, rocky at times, but the US has never quit on its allies until the Obama era. Concurrent with this deliberate distancing, we are witnessing the results today in more violence, more terror, expansionism of evil, and an Islamic Caliphate that will attack, eventually, the US abroad and at home. All those Western-based Jihadists fighting in Syria and Iraq will come back home to roost.

When making such statements, the Obama Administration has responded by labeling anyone that supports any US involvement to protect our interests, be it humanitarian or bootless, warmongers. Even when we call for sanctions Obama is unwilling to erect, we suddenly become warmongers.

The far left in this country whose own 401K’s rely on Wall Street, our pillar of capitalism, to afford them the time and the space to express their anti-capitalism and anti-Americanism, is intended on isolating America to service their twisted views of the world. Evil, to these witless boneheads, is not their business or duty to eradicate. I would like to see an interview of one of those imbeciles when they lose their jobs because the American economy can no longer afford to expand because of over taxation or some terrorist, God forbids, reaches out to touch them.

Many of them still think America is behind 9/11 and if any of them has a clue about how our Government operates and the accountability factor thousands of responsible civil servants are held to, they would know better than to repeat, like parrots, a pathetic narrative their communist professors in colleges embedded in their psyche. Lois Lerner, their model operative, is learning the hard way about accountability.

If 9/11 was a conspiracy, don’t you think Edward Snowden would have divulged the information by now? It never amazes me to hear someone claiming the US is behind 9/11 and whose purpose was to start a new war. These happy Facebook Millennial are clueless about the difficult choices our Presidents grapple with when they place our troops in harm’s way even though their man Obama feels it as much.

The far left is out of control and in control of our Government today, but not for long. No other candidates, on the horizon, come even close to emulating Obama’s ideology, or are willing to participate in its destructive goals except Senator Elizabeth Warren who stands no chance of winning an election, should she decide to run on the behest of Valerie Jarrett, on the coattails of the worst economic recovery and the worst problems facing America domestically and internationally. An early good riddance is the best we can do as we countdown to January 19, 2017.

Obama may have pulled our troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, but he is leaving behind a long trail of toxic commixture that will call, eventually, our troops to action.

Can you see Mr. Obama on some podium, never mind his responsibility in endangering America, blasting the sitting US President for protecting our US interests? I can.

Our allies need us today to stand by them as they struggle to survive from the onslaught of terror. There is no need for US troops, just strong military signals to stem the flow. The Obama Administration refuses to help with anything meaningful.

When the Ukrainian Government asked for military aid and secure communications assistance, the Obama White House generously offered them MRE’s (Meals Ready to Eat) our military was willing to discard because of downsizing. The Obama Administration even asked the Ukraine military to transport them from Germany back to the Ukraine because if Putin decided to blow up any of our C-130 transport aircrafts, Obama was unwilling to respond. Meanwhile, the far left remains clueless about these details because Obama refused to take a photo-op with MRE boxes stacked behind him while women reservists in the Ukrainian Army hauled them on beaten-up trucks.

Maybe President Obama intends to travel extensively to Russia after he leaves office. If so, he will need Putin’s love, not offended by MRE’s.