Michelle Rojas-Tal

Our children do not deserve a war of brothers

The thoughts expressed here are my own and not representative of any organization.

I have never felt a greater impetus to write than I do now.

Yesterday, I along with the entire country, listened to the passionate speech made by President Isaac Herzog.

As I listened to him, I began to feel tears run down my cheek.

I felt my heart break.

What I heard in his message were more than the words he spoke.

It was the conviction with which he delivered his address.

The genuine concern he has for the devastating tear in the fabric of Israel.

I know this because I have the distinct privilege of knowing him.

I know the concern and compassion he held for myself and my family during challenging periods.

Beyond the professional role I held, he cared for me as a person.

I had the privilege to learn from, and with, this tremendous leader for 3 years.

There is no greater love that he has than for the land, people and future of Israel.

The manner in which this reform is being pushed forward goes against the very values which Israel was built upon.

We are all blessed beyond measure to live in a time where we have a Jewish state.

And it is our obligation to ensure she embodies all which we hold to value.

Whether one agrees, disagrees or partially agrees with the reform, one thing is for certain:

Derech Eretz. Conduct. The way of the land.

The way in which we are watching this manifest; the manner in which difference of opinion is so blatantly disregarded and worst of all, the amount of hatred being expressed, is  inconceivable.

A “war of brothers.”

That is what our President warned of.

Each time my daughters argue, I remind them fervently that their bond is forever.

It is sacred.

No matter the level of disagreement or anger, we have a rule in our home: we never say goodbye, go to sleep nor part ways in any manner without saying, “I love you”.

Their unbreakable tie is sacred.

Our unbreakable link as Am Israel is sacred.

Our enemies are relishing as our nation is threatened from within.

We can not let this happen.

Our leaders must do better.

Our tradition is not filled with agreement.

But it is filled with a common destiny.

And a war of brothers is not one I, nor anyone of us, can sit idly by and accept.

For thousands of years, our ancestors prayed, cried and suffered as they yearned for the Israel we now have.

The Israel we are all responsible to protect.

We owe it to them.

But most importantly, we are obliged for our children’s future.

Am Israel Chai: the people of Israel live.

The sanctity of that, must never be lost.

About the Author
Michelle Rojas-Tal is a global speaker, trailblazer and advocate on Zionism, Jewish identity, and Israel engagement. Amongst her current projects, Michelle serves as the Zionist Scholar-in-Residence at Hadassah, The Women’s Zionist Organization of America.
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