Our Day of Rage

Hamas has declared a “Day of Rage” on Israel for Friday, October 16, 2015.

Well, Hamas, I am calling for a day of rage as well.

Not the type of rage you are thinking of. We won’t prepare to stab, bomb, run over, hurt or kill anyone. We won’t take our anger out on innocents, elderly or children.

It all comes down to the very definition of the word ‘rage’.

You are all thinking about the word rage and its definition meaning fury, anger, wrath or outrage. However, If you google the word rage, and scroll past the unpleasant meanings, there is another very different definition:

“Rage: a vehement desire or passion.”

The synonyms for it are: craze, passion, enthusiasm, obsession, etc.

You see, the day of rage I am preparing for is indeed very different from the day of rage being prepared by Hamas and the Palestinians.

I am preparing for a day of rage, a day of passion, a day of enthusiasm — to Gd and to one another.

In a time so filled with darkness and destruction, we need to rage.

We need to return to our study of Torah with rage, with passion, with enthusiasm. We need to turn to Gd with rage! We need to show Him our passion for our people and our homeland. We need to love one another with rage! With passion! With enthusiasm.

Yes, we have rage, the wrath and fury kind, too. However, we cannot let our rage fester inside and transform into hate. Hate does not take us anywhere good. Hate only drives out light, and blocks love.

Instead we can take our rage and develop passion. Passion can be channeled, and together we can accomplish great things.

On Friday, October 16, 2015, I am calling for a day of rage. We will rage in our servitude of Gd, rage in our acts of kindness, rage in our Torah and rage in loving one another with our whole hearts.

Stay safe and rage on.

About the Author
Hadassa is currently a student at SUNY Rockland, and the founder and president of the pro Israel club on campus. She is a religious Jew, with an unwavering passion for Israel.